Saturday, January 14, 2006

Terrorists Buying Untraceable Cell Phones In USA.


the FBI office in Midland Texas has now said:

"There is no known link or demonstrated link or any other kind of link at this point between the people here and any terror cell,"

This completely contradicts the previous reports from ABC.

Oh and to the Moonbats commenting on this thread. I am a Liberal Democrat.


This one hits close to home. Michelle Malkin has this story about terrorists buying large quantities of throw away cell phones. One of the towns mentioned Hemet California is about 15 minutes from my house. Here is an excerpt:

Federal agents have launched an investigation into a surge in the purchase of large quantities of disposable cell phones by individuals from the Middle East and Pakistan, ABC News has learned.

The phones -- which do not require purchasers to sign a contract or have a credit card -- have many legitimate uses, and are popular with people who have bad credit or for use as emergency phones tucked away in glove compartments or tackle boxes. But since they can be difficult or impossible to track, law enforcement officials say the phones are widely used by criminal gangs and terrorists.

...Law enforcement officials say the phones were used to detonate the bombs terrorists used in the Madrid train attacks in March 2004.

...The FBI is closely monitoring the potentially dangerous development, which came to light following recent large-quantity purchases in California and Texas, officials confirmed.

In one New Year's Eve transaction at a Target store in Hemet, Calif., 150 disposable tracfones were purchased. Suspicious store employees notified police, who called in the FBI, law enforcement sources said.

In an earlier incident, at a Wal-mart store in Midland, Texas, on December 18, six individuals attempted to buy about 60 of the phones until store clerks became suspicious and notified the police. A Wal-mart spokesperson confirmed the incident.

So you don't think the war on terror is real?

Believe it people. These guys are here maybe not in your neighborhood but somewhere close and they want you dead. Btw Hemet is a "small town". It is about 90 miles south east of Los Angeles, and 85 miles north east of San Diego. It is in the high desert at the base of the San Jacinto Mountain range. Until recently Hemet is pretty remote not near any major freeway and was just a place you would pass through if you were going camping in the mountains maybe stopping to gas up or get some fast food. It was a farming and ranching community. There have been a lot of new homes being built over the last few years as folks can no longer to buy houses in LA or San Diego.

The point is the terrorists are not only in the big cities. They are in the small towns either hoping to buy necessary supplies like these cell phones hoping the hay seeds won't notice what they are up to or they may even be planning to attack small town America.

The Sensible Mom is following up on the source of this story.

AJ Strata connects this story to the NSA leak story.

There you go Risen. If you ever needed evidence you are a Benedict Arnold this is it. And if we do get attacked because of these adjustments by terrorists - you and the NY Times will have the blood of innocents on your hands.

RELIAPUNDIT says he was the first one to connect the dots between this story and the NSA leak story and he is not very happy:

LL of these large sales came RIGHT AFTER the NYTIMES NSA leak (12/15/05). Though this is circumstantial, it is HIGHLY SUGGESTIVE that the leak alerted the sleeper cells HERE (and perhaps elsewhere), and that they are adapting their SOP's as a result; thus, they are making it tougher for us to prevent an attack.

The most amazing part of this story is the reaction from Glenn Greenwald.

If you’re interested in viewing the results of mixing sickly paranoia with abject stupidity -- or if you want to catch a glimpse of what our country will look like once the most rabid Bush followers have full reign over it -- I highly recommend this genuinely disturbing post from Michelle Malkin.

but his commentors go much much farther than that:

Malkin should be on her knees "thanking" Jim Risen (as only a horrid little slut can do) for his expose of this practice.
Malkin and her ilk deserve to be deported!
suspicious right-i suspect michelle is a double agent working for the chinese commies-

Michelle your cover is blown-i hope we're listening to all of her calls-it's for her own good
It's obvious somebody needs to ...

Or how about this reaction from Tbogg.

Since the Great Oklahoma Backpack Bomber Scare of 2005 went the way of Jack Abramoff's career, Michelle Malkin needed another threat to the homeland to get all nipply about and she found it in swarthy types buying cell phones. Quickly, Commisioner! Turn on the Crazy Ass Racist Bitch Signal!

Tbogg claims to be : "Faithful husband, soccer dad, basset owner, and former cowboy"

I wonder if he talks to his kids like that at soccer practice?

Thankfully none of these folks were working at Wall mart.

At least NewsHog has some common sense
even if he can't resist a few jabs at the Right and Michelle in particular.

I will give Malkin her due when she says that we all should be willing to report behaviour we thought was suspicious. I did, on one occasion right after 9/11. I have no idea if anything came of it but I am still glad I did. It may well be the case that, at least in the Texas incident ABC reports, there is some link between these bulk purchases and terrorism:

There will be more to this story I am sure.


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