Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ted Kennedy's Editorial On Alito: Your Kidding Me Right? / Open Track Back Weekend!

First of all for Ted Kennedy to question anyone’s credibility is a joke. Take a look at his editorial in today's Washington Post.

As you may notice Kennedy fails to address Alito's qualifications for the court at all. There is good reason for that. The man is one of the most qualified judges to be nominated to the court in the last 50 years. Alito just received the ABA's highest rating of "Well Qualified" for the job.

First Kennedy takes Issue with Alito's 1990 job application for a position in the AG's office under Ed Meese. In that application Alito stated his "deep disagreement with Warren Court decisions."

So What? Do you think Justice Ginsberg (who was an ACLU attorney before her appointment to the SCOTUS) had strong views on the Warren Court decisions or any other court for that matter?

Newsflash Judges are people too. People have political and philosophical views especially people who work in politics and government.

#2 Kennedy suggests Alito's membership in the Concerned Alumni of Princeton some how disqualifies him for the job. Is he serious?

#3 Kennedy cites Alito's failure to recuse himself in a 2002 case in which three Vanguard companies were named parties. Kennedy of course fails to mention any specifics about the case. Maybe this is damning maybe it isn't but I would bet dimes to donuts if it was Kennedy would have been far more specific.

#4 Kennedy says Alito pledged to be absolutely impartial in cases against the government despite his many years of service in the government. Sounds pretty reasonable and pretty typical. Lots of Judges served as prosecutors or government attorneys before their appointment to the bench. Kennedy again uses broad accusations and no specifics when he says
"But in case after case involving the actions of U.S. marshals, IRS agents and other government officials, he has sided with the government and against the citizens, even when his fellow judges have told him he was off-base."

He doesn't mention any particular case, or any specific incident that would indicate a pro government bias on Alito's part. If Kennedy knows something we don't he should put down his glass of scotch for a moment and share.

And finally #5 Kennedy says: His promise to leave his personal beliefs behind when he became a judge : That's what he told me in 1990 he would do.

and claims Alito's appearing and speaking at Federalist Society meetings somehow betrayed that promise.


Because if it is Alito is going to sail through confirmation just like Roberts did. Justifiably so.

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