Monday, January 09, 2006

Moonbats Support The Troops? : Smash Vs. Filner

So you know the tired mantra by now. "I support the troops I just don't support this war". Well Listen to the audio and read the transcript here from Smash who attended a town hall meeting this weekend with Congressman Filner in San Diego (my home town) and you tell me if Congressman Filner or his friendly audience was supporting Smash.

First a little background. Smash is a veteran of the Iraq war. Congressman Filner is a card carrying political opportunist and Bush hater. You will quickly notice how the crowd turns on Smash as soon as he asks a tough question. As Smash describes it, people were glaring at him, and asking him to give up the mike.

Now if these people truly supported they troops wouldn't they allow the man to speak and engage the Congressman in a substantive discussion?

Of course not because they are freakin liars. They don't support they troops. In fact they don't give a damn about the troops that is if they are troops who actually believe in what they are fighting for. Actions speak far louder than words and Congressman Filner's actions and his constituent’s actions speak volumes.

Michelle Malkin has more. The Moderate Voice has a pretty even handed article but the comments section reveals a not so moderate voice by the host or his guests.

I was especially impressed by this comment from Laura who questioned Smash's courage:

I wonder if the Indepundit would have the courage to confront the man who really
should be questioned about the Iraq war, that would be president Bush of course.

I bet Laura normally supports the troops but made an exception for Smash because of the evil things he dared say to Congressman Filner.

The Debate Link says this exchange demonstrates why he will never join the anti-war movement.

The Smoking Room addresses Filners rhetoric and exposes it for the utter nonsense that it is.


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