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Live Blogging The Rose Bowl!

This is my first Live Blogging deal so here goes

Texas just won the Toss.

And they elect to kick off.

The kick is 3 yards deep in the end zone and Reggie Bush is brought down at the 12 on the return.

First play from scrimage Bush ran out of bounds for a loss 2nd and 12.

Lienert was nearly sacked on the last two plays 3 and out BABY!

btw Kieth Jackson Rules! have you ever heard him say "ALL AHHH BAMMM AAHHHHH"

GAHHHHH. Texas fumbles the punt return. USC has the ball on the 46. Huge hit right in the face **Ouch***

Huge play #37 David Kirtman makes a great catch at the 7 and gets leveled. 1st and goal USC.

TOUCH DOWN LenDale White for USC. Texas better not make any more mistakes like this one or its gonna be all over early.

USC stops Texas on 4th and 1 at the 50! USC Ball.

Texas fails to convert on 3rd down and Texas freaking blows it with a stupid face mask penalty. 1st down USC. This could get ugly folks.

Whooo Hooo Texas Stops USC on 4th down. They take over on downs deep in their own territory.

another fumble by Texas luckily they recover it. Early on its apparent to me Texas can definitely play with USC they just need to calmn down. 4th down Texas punts it away. USC takes over at their own 17 yard line.

Ahhhh poooo little reggie bush just fumbled the ball. His 2nd of the ENTIRE YEAR! Texas Ball Baby. (some times its better to be lucky then good)

Texas puts together a nice drive but ends with another unforced fumble. Fortunately they recover and kick the field goal.

Score 7 - 3 USC.

WHOOOO amazing interception by Texas in the endzone. Texas ball on their own 20. I don't think USC has seen a secondary like this all year.


and they miss the PAT. 9 - 7 Texas.

It looked like they were trying to rush the extra point to avoid a review of the touchdown play. Vince Young may have been down before he lateralled.

USC has to punt on 4th and 17. Texas returns the punt to the 50 yard line. Could it be 16 to 7 going into half time?

Stay tuned.

Hey so whos checking the blog from Marylands Western Australia? I see you been there for the whole game eh mate?

Chime in and let us know who ya are.

TOUCH DOWN TEXAS Taylor with a 30 yard run!

and the PAT is good this time. 16 - 7 Texas.

Texas just misses another interception In fact it looks to me like they just got robbed. The DB had possesion the ball came out after he hit the ground. Oh well Its not the first time USC has benefitted from friendly refs.

Lienert has no where to thrown and is ran out of bounds at the 47.

Lienert just got rocked after a nice scramble for 10 + yards. Time out USC so matt can get rid of the stars in his eyes.

40 seconds left in the first half USC with the ball at the Texas 17 and BOOM Lienert goes down sacked by Frank Okham for a 4 yard loss!

Lienert has no where to throw and goes down again!

USC makes the 43 yard field goal. 16 - 10 Texas with 2 seconds left in the first half. That kick was nearly blocked btw.

16 - 10 at half time and pete carol looks a little worried.

2nd half getting ready to start 3 mins ETA. Texas will be receiving.

Texas brings it out to the 29 but there is a penalty on the play...... Holding on the Horns first down at the 19 to start the half.

3rd and 6 from the 23..... VY goes deep but the pass is incomplete. Looked like pass interference to me but of course no call. Here is the punt. Fair catch at the 48 and another flag. Block in the back on USC they start from their own 38

Nice completion at the Texas 22.... 1st and 10 USC. Then SC had to call a time out to avoid the delay of game penalty.

LenDale White with a bruising run down to the Texas 4. 1st and goal USC.

White with a 4 yard run for the TD the PAT is good 17 - 16 USC. That missed extra point could be big. This just in LenDale White is one big boy.

Texas starting from their own 20. Young keeps it for 7. Then hands off the Charles for another 20! Young runs another draw for 15 more! Texas first and 10 from the USC 45!

Another Texas first down pass complete from young at the USC 25!

Charles runs it up inside for another 10 to the USC 15. Then Young runs it in himself DIVING FOR THE TOUCHDOWN!

That was a damn impressive drive. and great answer to SC's score. Way to keep The big Mo HORNS.

The PAT is good. 23 - 17 Texas with 8:34 left in the 3rd quarter. Comercial time out.

If you havent heard Vince Young is a stud.

MONSTER HIT By aron Ross at the line of scrimage. No gain on the pass play. 2nd and 11 for SC. ... Pass complete to Smith for 6. 3rd and 5 to go. Fred Davis makes the catch at the 45 yard line of Texas. 1st and 10 USC

Nice 25 yard completion to #8 1st and 10 USC at the Texas 20. The run goes no where 2nd and 10. Little dump off pass for 9 yards and USC gets away with a holding call.
pass is incomplete. caught out of bounds. 4th and 1. White up the middle TOUCHDOWN.

extra point is good 24 - 23 USC.

Texas has a long way to go again fielding the kickoff in the 8 yards deep in the end zone. They start at their own 20.

SC player comes out shacking his arm. Young hits Thomas for a 1st down nice diving catch. 1st and 10 at the 35.

Young shakes off the rush like water and takes it all they way down to the USC 20 yard line GO GO GO. Just misses taking it to the house for the touchdown. ...

Ooo now thrown for a big loss. Sweet makes the catch at the 15 yard line 3rd and 5. pass complete but 4 yards short of the 1st down.

Nice D from SC.

here comes the field goal unit. Ok it looks like the 3rd quarter just ended. Well see the field goal after the commercial...... And he misses it GAH!

SC takes over after the missed field goal and completes and 8 yard pass to Dwane Jarret. He is having a good night. Moore tries the run it outside and gets STUFFED!

Kieth Jackson says LenDale "White is like an 18 wheeler runnin down hill tonight". I love this guy.

Texas has a defender down. Defensive end Robinson.

White with a huge hole inside takes it all the way down to the Texas 26. Bush finally breaks one outside and flys down the sideline for the TOUCHDOWN. diving into the endzone. At least thats the call but it looked like he was out of bounds to me...... after the review the TD stands.

the extra point is good. 31 - 23 USC.

Looks like SC was trying some kind of on sides kick. Texas starts at their own 30 with the short kick. VY has all day to throw the ball. ALMOST another Texas fumble ***whehh.**.... Wait a minute here comes the replay... .. after the review the play stands incomplete.

WIDE open Texas first down at the SC 35 yard line. Texas marching down the field now with another first down inside the SC 25 yard line.

On 2nd and 10 Young keeps it and runs for 5 yards. 3rd and 5. Texas needs a TD on this drive.

He runs for 3 it looks like short of the first. fubmles it again *damn it* but TX recovers. Texas is gonna kick a field goal....... and makes this one 31 - 26 USC.

If Texas looses this game its gonna be their own fault. The just seem more nervous than USC. No doubt Texas has the talent to win this game.

another dump off pass goes for 25 yards and tack on 15 after that for roughing the passer. all the way to the 31 yard line of Texas. White up the middle for 9.

Lienert to Jarret for the 20 yard TD pass. with 2 Texas defenders all over him. 2 Texas players down on the play they colided going after Jarret.

The PAT is good 36 - 24 USC

VY makes the USC Defense look silly and runs it in 17 yards for the TD. Texas just marches down the field easily. The extra point is good. 36 - 31 USC with 4:03 left to play.


Texas needs a defensive stop now.

Whats the over under on how many NFL players are gonna get drafted between these two teams? I say 22.

3rd and 7 at midfield. This is a big big play coming up. 2:22 left to play. White is stoped short of the first down! OHHH the ball comes out but right into the hands of the WR smith!


USC comes with a serious blits. VY dumps it off and avoids the sack. another man comes hard for young again no sack but he hurries the pass and incomplete. 3rd and 12.

Pass complete for 5 yards short of the first but a flag looks like a late hit or face mask on USC........ Yes Face Mask 5 yard penalty 1st down!

Another 9 yard completion from Young 2nd and 1. they are reviewing the play to see if it was fumbled but Carter was obviously down.

Young gets the 1st down and steps out of bounds for the 1st down.

Wide open pass to carter inside the USC 14 and out of bounds!

Texas goes for it all with a pass in the end zone tremendous catch after being Tipped but its..... Out of bounds.

Young keeps it and runs it down to the 8. Texas calls time out with 30 seconds left to play.


pass in the end zone batted away! Texas needs 5 for the first and 8 for the touchdown.


VINCE YOUNG RUNS IT IN FOR THE TOUCHDOWN BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

INVINCABLE says my boy Dan Fouts! (Charger Great) 39 - 38 Texas.


Poor little Pouty Petey Carol.

Texas is going for the 2 point conversion to make it a 3 point game.

And the 2 point conversion is good! USC needs a touchdown in 19 seconds. Its all over except the crying girls.

Lienert hits a shuffle pass to Bush for a nice gain with 8 seconds left. IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN.

5..4..3..2..1.... FINAL SCORE TEXAS 41 USC 38.

as Dandy Don used to say TURN OUT THE LIGHTS THE PARTY"S OVER.

Reggie Bush may have taken home the Heisman but Vince Young was obviously the best man on the field tonight. Over 200 yards rushing. 3 walk in touchdowns. AMAZING.

This cant be real they just said VY had 447 yards passing? 392 yards rushing? and 7 touchdowns in the last 2 rosebowls!


I gotta give it to Pete Carol he gave a classy post game interview.

WHAT AN AMAZING GAME! USC fans got nothing to be ashamed of.


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