Thursday, January 12, 2006

Kyoto Be Damned!

Plants Produce "greenhouse gasses!" That’s right NPR’s morning edition reported this morning that scientists in Europe have made an astonishing discovering. All leafy plants (that includes trees) produce methane. In fact they produce as much as ONE THIRD of all methane gas in the world.

Other scientists who were at first skeptical are now accepting the research as valid. They are now questioning the effectiveness of Kyoto. You see one of the Kyoto provisions says that if countries exceed their allowed amount C02 production (C02 is a “greenhouse gas”) they could make up for it by planting trees which convert C02 into oxygen.

OOPS it appears by planting trees you are just substituting one greenhouse gas for another.

Oh and on another note India declared it will not comply with Kyoto C02 production goals.

If you believe Global Warming is happening or not (I am pretty convinced it is)

And/or if you believe it is man made or can be countered by man (I am far more skeptical of this) then maybe its time for plan B ehh?


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