Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ghouls Attempt To Play Politics With WV Mining Tragedy

I found this shocking post at MYDD via Michelle Malkin.

Here is an excerpt:

Undoubtedly, some will criticize me for placing blame on President Bush here. The defense will be that Bush didn't cause the explosion that collapsed the mine. My response will be that he didn't do anything to prevent it. In fact, if anything, the actions of his administration made the situation worse.

Now if the comments of this ghoul don't make you angry the following comment posted by someone calling himself boilermaker surely will.

But they voted for him...West Virginia went for the guy by a nine point margin if I am not mistaken.

Cruel thing to say to the bereaved if it comes to that. But, if you vote based on race, southern strategy, Gay marriages and other so-called moral values at the expense of your future welfare...you deserve your fate, whatever that fate might be.

Here was my comment in reply.

Your ghoulish attempt to make political points out of this tragedy shames you more than any words I could offer.

Boilermaker on the other hand who goes even farther and suggests these miners got what they deserved for voting for Bush deserves a punch in the mouth. I hope he has the courage to travel to WV right now and deliver this message in person to the miners families. Of course he won't because he is a coward on the internet.

I am sorry this had to be my first post of the New Year.

Ogre is also pissed about this

No, the utter and complete hatred of President Bush knows no end for those on the left. Even though as of the writing of this post the fate of the miners trapped in WV is unknown, that doesn't stop complete and utter lunatics from, yes, you guessed it, blaming Bush!!

I don't think he has read the comments section yet.


The Authoer of the post now has others agreeing with his vile position. Again the cowards say this from the safety of the internet:

posted by Teknofyl:

Did anything Bush do positivly impact that situation? Clearly the whole "two exits is one too many" approach was not helpful here, in hindight... how much money did the company save by no putting in the extra shafts? How much would they be worth now?

Bush makes horrible decisions (whaever criteria you think he uses, and no one really know except for him because they are so bad and schitzo), and people die.

The man SHOULD be impeached, convicted, and removed from office. Of course, Cheney as well... this tragedy is another clear example of how Bush's approach to public policy is toxic to anyone who isn't on the plus-side of his whims.

Overtkaen by Events read the comments section as was as disgusted as I was.

If you didn't know one of my favorite bloggers Don Surber lives in West Virginia. He has a great post up about mining in particular and the dangerous work that West Virginian's do in general. I would really like to know what Don thinks of these ghouls.

These bloggers are also covering the mining story. Scared Monkeys, Eu Rota, WizBang, Froth Slosh B'Gosh, and


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