Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Creating News 101

Let's see. Leftie peaceniks need attention to counter the good news from Iraq. Foreign terrorists in Iraq, stung by recent screwups (if you can call mass murder at a wedding in Amman a "screwup") need some positive news for the Arab Street against "The Crusaders". Sounds like a ready-made recipe for some nice, dramatic cooperation. No one gets hurt, everyone gets what they want.

So, in a shocking new development, some "Christians" get "kidnapped" in Iraq. It really doesn't get better than this.

My prediction is that these "peace lovers" get released a few days after the news cycle tires of this pathetic story.

Since this is the first time 99.9% of anyone has heard of this group, it's amazing to read today's razor-sharp release from the group -- which includes this description of their activities in Iraq of late:

In a "Statement of Conviction," the long-term Team members stated that they "are aware of the many risks both Iraqis and internationals currently face," and affirmed that the risks did not outweigh their purpose in remaining. They express the hope that "in loving both friends and enemies and by intervening non-violently to aid those who are systematically oppressed, we can contribute in some small way to transforming this volatile situation."

CPT does not advocate the use of violent force to save lives of its workers should they be kidnapped, held hostage, or caught in the middle of a conflict situation.

Christian Peacemaker Teams has been present in Iraq since October 2002, providing first-hand, independent reports from the region, working with detainees of both United States and Iraqi forces, and training others in non-violent intervention and human rights documentation. Iraqi friends and human rights workers have welcomed the team as a nonviolent, independent presence and asked that the team tell the their stories. CPT teams host regular delegations of committed peace and human rights activists to conflict zones, who join teams in working with civilians to document abuses and develop nonviolent alternatives to armed conflict. The CPT Iraq Team has hosted a total of 120 people on sixteen delegations over the last three years.

Christian Peacemaker Teams is a violence reduction program. Teams of trained peacemakers work in areas of lethal conflict around the world.

In addition to the Iraq Team, teams of CPT workers are currently serving in Barrancabermeja, Colombia; Hebron and At-Tuwani, Palestine; Kenora, Ontario, Canada; and on the Mexico-United States border.

Pretty good stuff, considering that they have not exactly gotten much press over the last few years. Amazing what a kidnapping can do for top-of-mind awareness. Nice going, guys. Earned media is a beautiful thing.

Of course, if I'm wrong, these bozos give new meaning to the term "useful idiots".

O Canada!

So for years, the Canadians have been subsidising their timber industry to the detriment of American foresters -- including thousands of underworking union lumbermen across the Pacific Northwest -- shutting down logging operations, closing towns, drying up an American tradition.

What does President Bush do? He concedes on the issue, and lowers completely justified tariffs on Canadian lumber.

What does Canada do just days after that? It raises the subsidies once more.

With allies like this, who needs enemies?

Monday, November 28, 2005

This is very cool. Really.

Just got to play around with a new internet invention I think is going to be a hit... Gollum, the Wikipedia Browser.

What do you think?

"We made a difference"

"We know we made a positive difference," says Cpl. Jeff Schuller of the 3rd Battalion, 25th Marines, who spent all but one week of his eight-month tour with Mayer. "I can't say at what level, but I know that where we were, we made it better than it was when we got there."
What? A mainstream media outlet letting just a peek of sunshine into their reporting on Iraq?

Someone's gonna get fired.... someone's gonna get fired...

I am out of town/ Guest Poster

That right I will be in Atlanta all week for a conference and tradeshow so posting will be light to nil on my part. However I have asked my friend, bean counter, and politico The Two Penny Pundit to keep you entertained while I am gone. So hopefully he shows up and posts something 8).

Sunday, November 27, 2005

This Soldier can speak for himself!

Sergeant Will Whitley who is in Iraq had this to say about Congressman Murtha's recent comments:

I’m not sure, but I think as you are reading this I (an American soldier) am speaking for myself…are you listening Congressman? The United States military is still part of the voting population last time I checked, and the elected officials that I voted for are speaking for me. Murtha also said that he had gotten e-mails from World War II veterans and parents of American soldiers in Iraq, but where are the e-mails from the soldiers who are on the ground in Iraq…could it be because we don’t share his same opinions?

Murtha also said at another press conference, "We cannot win this militarily. Our tactics themselves keep us from winning." Our tactics militarily are just fine. It’s the political war that is being lost right now by Rep. Murtha, as evidenced by the landslide 403-3 vote in the Senate this past Friday to pull troops out of Iraq. After the vote Murtha said, "The guys in Congress are scared to death to say anything because they might be vilified." Either the rest of Democratic Party doesn’t agree with his views on the war or they just don’t have a tour in Vietnam to hide behind.

does anyone want to suggest Sergeant Whitley isn't speaking for himself?

Check out his blog for this complete post and some other great posts including this one.

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Friday, November 25, 2005

Open Trackbacks and TTLB ecosystem / Open Track Back!A

I already posted some comments on this but I thought I should expand on it and be clear. Forgive me for speaking for the rest of you and please correct me if I am wrong. The reason we participate in Open Trackbacks is to drive readers to our sites. Yes we do this because we love it but we also want folks to read our fantastic, insightful, and unique opinions. At least we like to think they are. We are not doing it to game the system. Are you?

And it works! If your topic is interesting, if your headline grabs the readers attention they will click the link and start reading. That is the whole idea behind Open Ttrackbacks. No one is forced to click on your link and no one is forced to follow a link back to the Open Trackback provider.

I certainly, and again speaking for others we are very appreciative to fellow bloggers who provide Open Trackbacks either weekly or in some cases daily. The Political Teen who alone has sent hundreds of readers my way has been a godsend for my fledgling blog. Others like Don Surber and Basil who do daily Open Trackbacks, and the entire Open Trackback Alliance who alternate days between them are providing a fantastic service to bloggers and readers alike. They match folks who have something interesting to say with folks who want something interesting to read it. If they get rewarded by driving readership to their own blogs they deserve it.

Now before disagreeing with La Shawn I want to say I do not believe she meant any offense to Open Trackbackers and her post was meant to be strictly constructive. I know from personal experience and she has posted numerous times that she believes in helping new bloggers. So please understand my following comments are also meant to be constructive.

La Shawn said in this Post yesterday:

You bloggers may not believe in the “build it, and they will come” idea, but it is true.

We agree completely. If you post insightful and interesting stuff people will read it, however they need to find it first. Open trackbacks allow people to find you.

Bloggers using Open Trackback posts, particularly every week, are, in a sense, trying to game the system. Instead of creating something interesting for people to trackback to, they invite bloggers to trackback to the post just for the sake of link building.

Now again I am a newb and maybe someone can explain it to me if I am wrong, I think Open Trackbacks are hard work for the folks who put them up, and I rarely if ever see anyone who only has an Open Trackback and nothing else to read. It sure is hard work for those of us who are out there linking and tracking back to all the Open Trackback providers. There are so many you have to pick and choose which readers you think will be interested in your post. If you have a real job like me you can't just search and link all day. Ask Don Surber how much time it takes for all the Trackbacks he puts up.

If you want to build a solid readership of loyal readers and linkers who come back again and again, whether they love or hate you, you’ve got to put in the work and be patient and persistent. I know it’s hard. I know you want recognition and links. But you’ve got to earn it.

I think they are earning it and at the same time giving back to little guys like me. The people who are the most active Open Ttrackbackers are also prolific posters. Again The Political Teen posts several topics every day with lots of video clips of daily news programs. I find that unique interesting, and valuable. Don Surber posts 3 - 5 topics a day and it’s not milk toast stuff. Honestly I do not know how the guy does it.

In fact, if Open Trackback bloggers don’t like the Bear’s upcoming policy change, why don’t you create a new ranking system? Don’t complain. Create. Get it?

We agree on this one completely. Its TTLB’s system and he can do with it as he sees fit. Once again I really don’t care if I am a flappy bird or a large mammal or an insignificant microbe as long as folks can find my blog.

So who does care about their ranking? Big bloggers who don’t think little bloggers should be ranked above them?

If you are a big blogger by definition you have lots of readers so why do you care?

Especially if it’s “all about the love of the blog” What I do see are people thanking the Open Trackbackers for providing a very valuable service which many of them do not need to do. The Open Trackback Alliance did exactly as you are suggesting La Shawn, they created something on their own to build readership and I know you are a firm believer in promoting our blogs. The Homespun bloggers are doing the same thing, and there are lots of other examples of this.

Really what is the difference between what the Open Trackbackers do and what Instapundit does (and I love Instapundit)?

Other than the Open Trackbackers are not editors or judges of what is interesting. The reader is. In my humble opinion that is a good thing.

So in that spirit, if you have comments about this subject on your blog by all means trackback. And if you have something else interesting to say on any other topic by all means track back. Just be sure to leave a link in your post back to this post. Oh and if you leave a trackback I will add it to the mainpage. ( I figured that part out).

Kathy at Is it Just Me, agrees with me (say that 3 times real fast) that the whole thing is kinda comical. as per her comments on this thread:

"I am laughing with you UA."

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Excerpt: Despite the fact that it’s snowing like crazy here, N.Z. Bear, the mastermind of the TTLB Ecosystem, is certainly not hibernating.

Don Surber linked with: Opponents Didn't Care If He Had WMD
Excerpt: The WMD argument is tiresome and dishonest. Opposition to the liberation of Iraq in 2002 had nothing to do with WMD. Consider the arguments in the debate over the war resolution the war on Oct. 10, 2002. Sen. Bob Graham, D-Fla., opposed the war b...

Adam's blog linked with: Understanding Open Trackbacks
Excerpt: I said I'd had my last word on this Open Trackbacks then, but then Lashawn Barber said something and I had to respond. First of all she says:

People, people, people! Don’t get it twisted. Use common sense. The Bear is not excluding trackbacks a...

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Excerpt: Good Morning. I hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving. I spent most of yesterday doing the decorating thing. You know, hanging from the gutters stringing Christmas lights. Had only intended to put up a few lights but it kind of turned into a com..

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

No Blogging today. Unless we get to arguing at the turkey table and the relatives want to take it online!

I may have to use Hugh's suggested strategy on dealing with the family moonbat. Although our politics discussions are usually pretty civil between my father in law (the libertarian), me (the JFK Liberal) and my wifes Aunt (the lefty) she is also a pretty successful attorney so we have some pretty darn good discussions.

Even though I am a newb, I completely agree with LaShawn Barbers take on the open trackback thing. I love open trackbacks as much as the next guy, and I am sure I have gained readers from it but I blog first of all because I like it. Who cares about some rating system anyway?

Yah its kinda neat to be called a large mammal, or flappy bird but other than novelty whats the difference?

Now I am gonna play a little guitar then head down to Grandmas house for some Turkey!

Gobble Gobble.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Preska Thomas of Team Hollywood Speaks about CNN Tape


Bill Thomas at Daily Pundit spoke with Laurie Goldberg, Senior Vice President for Public Relations with CNN last night. She confirmed the audio tape made by Ms. Preska Thomas that we all heard yesterday was indeed authentic. Here is Ms. Goldberg in her own words:

"A Turner switchboard operator was fired today after we were alerted to a conversation the operator had with a caller in which the operator lost his temper and expressed his personal views -- behavior that was totally inappropriate. His comments did not reflect the views of CNN. We are reaching out to the caller and expressing our deep regret to her and apologizing that she did not get the courtesy entitled to her. "

Great Job Bill! This was my first experience as a citizen reporter where I was actually able to speak with a principle in the story. Bill Quick just showed us all how it is done. Follow up, be persistent and you can get to the truth of a story. Again Kudus to Daily Pundit for a job well done!

Also Kudos to Preska Thomas for making the tape and getting it out there. Don't forget Ms. Thomas claims that several people related similar experiences which prompted her to make the recording. Will any of them come forward?

Was this just one operator at CNN or is this a internal cultural problem at the company?


Well I just spoke to Preska Thomas of Team Hollywood. She swears the tape is authentic and not a hoax. I told her I do not have the means to test the tape for authenticity but asked if she would make it available to an entity that did. She replied absolutely!

This sounds like a project for Pajamas Media if you ask me.

She spent approximately 40 minutes on the phone with me and sounded quite sincere. She reiterated the story on the US Newswire. That they were compelled to contact CNN due to the enormous amount of calls her firm was receiving from people who were familiar with their company, Team Hollywood. The callers were reporting that they were being harassed by CNN and were being hung up on when they brought up the issue of the X over Cheney’s face.

Ms. Thomas says they had called CNN 5 times before making the now infamous recording. She and her business partner Kevin Finn, spoke to several different operators who all eventually hung up on them, were rude, and accused Cheney and the presidnt of being liars.

I mentioned that the recording ended abruptly. She replied "That is because the operator in the recording hung up on me".

I asked Ms. Thomas if she was receiving a lot of calls today from people like me who are asking her about the veracity of the tape. She said she is and has received several offers for exclusive rights to the tape. Some have represented themselves as being from the mainstream media. She has refused the offers and told me “this is for the people to hear”.

Ms. Thomas says she is a fan of blogs and thinks they should be taken seriously. “This story would not have gotten out if not for Matt Drudge and the bloggers”.

Ms. Thomas believes there is something wrong with the internal culture at CNN for an operator to speak to a viewer the way this man did to her.

Ms. Thomas made it very clear”The tape being released is not an attack on CNN

Ms Thomas said "My business partner and I simply felt this was important for the public to know in order to force CNN to examine their internal systems and ask how is this happening?, why is this happening?, and prevent their employees from continuing this with this type of behavior".

More coverage here: Stop The ACLU, All Things Beautiful, Michelle Malkin, Euphoric Reality, Whizbang, Don't Go Into the Light. Daily Pundit also spoke with Ms. Thomas this morning.

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Update: Tip of the hat to Jillian for her link in the comments section to this Yahoo article:

Kevin Finn Recognized by National Republican Congressional Committee; International Business Leader to Receive Reagan Medal

To: National Desk

Contact: Karen Hughes of Team Hollywood, 310-967-3957

WASHINGTON, Nov. 19 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) announced this week that Kevin Finn of Santa Monica, California has been selected as a recipient of the 2005 Ronald Reagan Republican Gold Medal.

So it appears at the very least Mr. Finn is a partisan.

And wait a minute. Karen Hughes? not "The Bush Administration advisor Karen Hughes"?

Now that is a strange coinkydink. Things are getting curiouser and curiouser batman!

CNN Tape is it fake?

Because if it isn't at the very least this operator is gonna loose his job, and it may go much higher up the food chain. But since I don't believe everything I read/see/ or hear on the intraweb I have to be a little skeptical at first glance. Is CNN really this stupid?

Environmental Republican has a link to the audio file, where someone from a company named Team Hollywood called the CNN news desk and was told by the operator "the X was free speach" and "Tell the President and Vice-President Dick Cheney to stop lying.".


Who is Team Hollywood anyway? here is a link to their site. I have put a call into them but its still early here on the west coast. I will let you folks know if they call back and what they have to say.

This is what their about us page says:

Preska Thomas and Kevin Finn are the founders of Team
Hollywood Global Networks, Inc., a marketing consulting firm that
specializes in lobbying relations and consumer networking for Fortune
500, politicial, and entertainment companies. Team Hollywood has
consulted for Vatican assignees and developed marketing strategies for the
RMS Titanic, Mikhail Gorbachev, Bill Clinton, Sony, Carsey-Warner, QVC, and Nanotechnology. They are the authors of the book, The Index: A Road Map.

I noticed they have several stories on this U.S. Newswire. Who are they? are they two related? If any of you know please comment. It looks like they have been around for some time and are basically a way for people to get their Press releases out on the web.

anyway it looks like this story has legs. I can't wait to see where it goes.

Part-Time Pundit, and Real Teen, Daily Pundit, Stop The ACLU, are also covering the story.

LB of Don't Go Into The Light is skeptical as well and actually spoke to spoke to Preska (one of the principlals of Team Hollywoood).

Alexandra of All Things Beautiful has a transcript of the audio from Team Hollywood, but she is also unsure of its authenticity. Alexandra has more great info on her site with 2 different official explanations from CNN. That is not a good sign for them.

Now imagine if these bloggers had been working for CBS when Mary Mapes came up with the rathergate memo.

From France: What Fires? What Riots?

I just thought I would share some comments from a couple of folks in France who's letters were just published in a weekly trade magazine. I have left their names out for work related reasons.

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your question, which illustrates how strong the effect of the
media is, particularly abroad, when it shows an epiphenomenon - even if it is
real in the ghettos where it is happening which incites a totally exaggerated fear or at least some questions. We are happy to be able to respond completely positively.

No don't worry: No tradeshow was affected nor should any be. It is a matter of riots in certain neighborhoods around urban centers, those infamous ghettos which one finds in American Cities too. Elsewhere life goes on as usual.

Dear Editor,

Here is the full story.
As usual, the media showed only one thing: There was a civil war in France and Paris was burning. it reminds me of the time when there was a lot of crime in Washington, D.C. When I spoke to my friends from D.C. They all told me that it happened only in one area, and that it was peaceful everywhere else. Same here! Paris is a safe city and the rioting happens only during the night in poor suburbs where, in any case, I wouldn no recommend anybody go during the night, rioting or not!

On our side, we met only one issue. One of our Canadian customers had to stay in a hotel in Aulnay-Sous-Bois for a show held at the end of November. This city is where many car dealers and large stores burned- One Renault dealer lost more than 6 million Euro and 250 cars in one night - so they asked us to quickly find another hotel for 30 people.

I guess they are right. Afterall it only happened in "the Ghettos" and 6 million Euro ($7 mil dollars) worth of cars burned in one night at one dealership is no big deal.

C'est la vie.

A few folks are still covering this story including Michelle Malkin, Uncle Sam's Cabin, Atlas Shrugs, A Blog for All, Geopolitical Review,

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What I am Thankful For.

First of all my beautiful and loving wife. She has made me a better man.

My mother who taught me right from wrong and provided for my sister and I in some very tough times.

My great family including my sister, my three beautiful nieces, and amazing nephew, my sister, my brother in law who was part of our family long before he married my sister and made it official and my wifes entire family who we will be spending Thanksgiving day with.

My job and the people I work with who are also like family.

The men and women in uniform who protect us all. Godbless and Godspeed to all of you.

President Bush who I feel understands the war we are engaged in.

I am not a particularly religious man but I am thankful to God for all of the wonderful people and experiences I have had in life.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Galloway Praises Syrian President!

I originally came up with the moniker "The Ugly American" arguing with a bunch of euros on a message board. I honestly could not believe how vile some of them were and how low they would go to slam the U.S. I planned to include regular stories from the E.U. which are evidence of just how much they hate us and how far apart we are. So without further ado here is the first installment:

tip of the hat to a man I only know as Des for sending this story to me.

from the BBC:

Galloway Praises Syrian president

George Galloway has defended his praise of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, following a recent trip to the country.

The MP for Bethnal Green said the president was a "breath of fresh air" after decades of dictatorship

During his recent trip Mr Galloway hailed the Syrian president - whose regime has faced accusations over the assassination of Lebanese Premier Rafik Hariri - as the "last Arab leader".

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Mr Galloway said:
"The Arab world is ruled by dictatorships, almost without exception. Most of
them are dictators who are slaves of ours.

"The Syrian regime is independent of us and that is why our government, and more particularly the US government, wants to destroy it."

Mr Galloway noted that the UK has an "extremely close" relationship with nearby Saudi Arabia, which he said was a similar dictatorship.

He suggested that until recently the British government respected the Syrian regime, pointing out that President Assad stayed with the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

"People believed that his reforming zeal and his vision of Syria as a genuinely
independent Arab country....was one that was widely appreciated across

I still think that it would have been better if we had not allowed [US President] George Bush to re-write our foreign policy towards Syria, and Iran for that matter."

And, commenting ahead of Respect's conference, he said he wanted the anti-war party to take seats on every council in May's local elections.

"I hope we will elect people in every local authority in the country," he said.
"I'm speaking to the biggest public meetings and more often than any other political figure and our party is doing more public work than any other in the country.

"I think you are going to find next May in the local elections that
Respect shakes them [Labour] up all over the country."

Open Trackbacks: The Political Teen, Don Surber, Stop the ACLU,

Sunday, November 20, 2005

What is the Democratic Party so mad about?

So exactly why are the Democrats so upset about the resolution the Republican majority introduced last Friday calling for the immediate withdrawl of troops from Iraq?

Isn't that what Congressman Murtha wanted?
Weren't all of the Democratic Leadership praising him?

According to the Washington Post:

"A few dozen other House Democrats have called for withdrawing from Iraq as soon as possible. But most are liberals who voted against going to war, and they have drawn modest attention."

So why did all but three house Democrats vote against exactly that?

Why did congressman Murtha vote against a resolution that expressed exactly his position?

Why are guys like Marc Cooper so livid?

Like most things coming from the Democratic party lately, I just dont get it.

Open Trackbacks today: The Political Teen, Basil's Blog, Bloggin' Outloud, Committees of Correspondence, Don Surber, Third World County,

TMH's Bacon Bits has a good take on this story called "cut and jog" hehe. GM's Corner agrees with me.

Bad Example has some great photo's and good news from Iraq.

Oops my bad. acording to this story at Point Five. The Dems aren't mad at all and they see the 403 - 3 defeat of the immediate withdrawal resolution as a great thing!

Someone at American Conservative Daily is hot over Murtha's proposal.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Why can't we all be Americans?

Our country is at war or at the very least the most cynical must admit we have 200,000 men and women in harms way in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. So why then are Democratic Senators , and Congressmen calling the president a liar? Why are Republicans calling a congressman who served 37 years in the Marine Core including several with distinction in Vietnam a coward?

As your teacher said back in school, "I don't care who started it!" This is inexcusable and needs to stop right now. Both sides are hurting this country by their accusations for what?

For political advantage?

Maybe this started with the moonbats on the perimeters of both parties but now its common place. I am pleading with all of you on both sides. Please stop this now.

Al Qaeda and their allies can never defeat us, but we surely can defeat ourselves. If this doesn’t stop we will.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand”

Abraham Lincoln, 1858

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Friday, November 18, 2005

Thank you Sergeant Whitley!

Thank you for starting your blog. Thank you for this touching story. Most of all Thank you for your service. Godbless and Godspeed.

Hits Home Hard!!!

One morning I awoke to the sound of a huge blast. I woke right up and ran to the bunker sitting right outside of my tent. Throughout this deployment we have received several attacks on the base, and I shrugged this one off as another one. Later on that day I learned that a tractor, which was used on the base by local nationals to haul trash, had been lined with explosives and driven right to the gate here at our base. At the gate, along with soldiers and Iraqis, was Kevin. A fellow soldier later on in the day who know of my relationship with Kevin informed me that he was involved in the blast. When something like that happens you always assume that the worst has happened. A fellow soldier a couple of days later found out that he had survived, but not without being banged up pretty bad. Since we cannot leave the base at all I had written off the chance of ever seeing him again. Which brings me back to the story....

Read the whole thing. Let Sergeant Whitley know how much you appreciate him. Tell everyone you know about him.

Openpost Trackbacks: The Political Teen, Don Surber, Big Dogs Weblog, Adams Blog, Soldiers' Angel - Holly Aho,

Update: Ex-Donkey has a link up to A Female Soldier 2 encouraging everyone to comment on Grey Eagle's blog and show her your appreciate. Please do as soon as you can.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

NAACP Head Joins GOP! Yes The NAACP!

Wow, I have to say I was excited, confused and curious when I saw this headline. Could this be true? Will the Democratic party actually have to compete for the black vote in America thereby giving mainstream Dems a chance to take our party back from the whacko moonbats?

La Shawn Barber has a take on this of course.

A local NAACP chief in Orange County, Florida, has bucked tradition and joined the Republican party. It’s business, he says. Throw it in the pan and watch it sizzle!

More power to Mr. Wallace, although he should have opted to become an independent. Some black folks have a psychological barrier in the brain when it comes to the GOP. Psychological slavery, if you ask me.

The story did seem kind of strange with Mr. Wallace, said:

"It's purely a business decision. Ninety percent of those I do business with are Republicans," he said. "Opportunities that have come to my firm have been brought by Republicans."

I would love to ask him some more questions. Like what are his positions on abortion, gun control, SCOTUS nominees, taxes, the war on Islamofascism, Iraq, Welfare, school choice, that would be a good start. Why didn't this reporter ask?

More reaction to the story at California Yankee, Baldilocks, Captains Quarters, and Generation Why.

Open trackback at Point Five, The Political Teen, Big Dog's Weblog, The Blue State Conservatives, Stuck on Stupid, Don Surber, Stop The ACLU,

If Open Source Media is Selling Stock I want Some!

Update: Errr I guess its just OSM......................Errr I guess its Pajamas Media again. Honestly I don't care what you call it just give me the stock abreviation so I can buy it alright! The worst thing that can happen is they go public and hose smart enough to get in on the IPO make a crap load of dough (google) and then they fall on their faces and the stock tanks. On the other hand they could keep doing what they have done for the last couple years and be the next one stop news shop source for the world. I will take those odds.

Just tell me what the IPO starting price is. Better yet if you have a private offering first I want in. I am no financier but I firmly believe these guys have a chance to supplant the likes of Associated Press, and Reuters in fairly short order and deservedly so. As long as they stick to their principles which first gained them notoriety, then grudging acknowledgment and respect from the MSM, these guys are gonna be hugely successful.

The "Better mouse trap" has been replacing the older model throughout history and this is the better mouse trap to the fish wraps ((C) Jim Rome), the wire services, and the Network news.

As that whacky guy Jim Cramer says BOOYAH! I am Bullish! Que the dump truck back up alarm and BUY BUY BUY!

Errrrrr... Did I just cost myself money?

Stop the ACLU has more on the story and reaction from the blogosphere. La Shawn Barber who is a contributor to Open Source attended the launch has coverage of it here. Other takes: The World Wide Rant,

LOL obviously this guy is not a fan. I found the post through Atrios at Eschaton. Anyone else find him a particularly nasty man?

I wonder if there is any Republican that he likes. Or at least wouldn't spit on when walking by.

BBC Headline: Bomber attacked UK Muslim leaders

anyone see this story? brought to my attention from a poster at an EU message board.

In the latest quotes released, Khan said: "Jihad is an obligation on every single one of us, men and women, and by staying at home you are turning your backs on jihad which is a major sin.

"Our so-called scholars today are content with their Toyotas and their semi-detached houses. They tell us ludicrous things like `you must obey the law of the land'."How on earth did we conquer lands in the past if we were to obey by this law? By Allah, these scholars will be brought to account."

"If they fear the British Government more than they fear Allah then they must desist in giving talks, lectures and passing fatwas and they need to stay at home - they're useless - and leave the job to the real men, the true inheritors of the prophet."

The tape also contains a message from Ayman al-Zawahri, the deputy leader of the al-Qaeda network.

Of UK clerics, he said: "These are the scholars of beggary, working to beg the pleasure of Elizabeth, head of the Church of England."

He also called England one of Islam's "severest enemies".

Another part of the video, already screened, showed him blaming the UK public for the 7 July Tube attacks.

Think we can negotiate with men like this?

Do you think leaving Iraq will appease men like this?

Headlines 11.17.05

Ex-Donkey has a transcript of John Hawkins at Right Wing News interview of Tammy Bruce. If you're not familiar with best-selling author and radio personality Tammy Bruce, you should be. A self-decribed "pro-choice lesbian feminist", she currently has a book out called "The New American Revolution".

She also happens to be someone I admire. Tammy was formerly the head of NOW (yes the feminazi NOW) in Los Angeles, she has her own radio show in LA which I listen to whenever I can and she guests hosts for lots of folks in the LA market. Like me she still considers herself a liberal but sees the voice behind the Democratic party today as fascists.

The whole thing is definitely worth a read. Tammy's blog can be found here.

Last night NBC's E-Ring jumped the shark with *Gasp* "American Christian Terrorists" who burst into a mosque kill a couple FBI agents and threaten to kill all the innocent muslims. Honestly it looked like they took the raid on the school in Beslan by Islamofascist terrorists and changed it to american terrorists in Detroit. This show was decent up this point mostly showing the US as the good guys, and showing the valour and sacrifice of good men and women who allow an blissfully ignorant populace to sleep safely at night.

All too typical of Network TV as Bryan Preston illustrates on Michelle Malkins Site.
Bryan says: Yesterday I linked to a post about NBC's frighteningly popular Law N Order and its smearing of the Minutemen. Debbie Schlussel watched the show so you didn't have to, and says that the network spread the defaming all around the right:

Howard Stern fans will know Debbie from her many appearances on the show. (Yes I am / was a Howard Stern fan) till he got all whacky on the war. I was actually listening to his show the morning of 9/11 when he said within about 5 minutes of the 2nd plane hitting the WTC. This is Saddam Hussein and Osam Bin Laden.

More on the whacky fantasy world of modern day TV producers at Plains Feeder, The Citizen Journal, UrbanGrounds, and California Conservative.

Bill Bennet wrote an article responding to these comments by Jay Rockefeller on Sunday with Chris Wallace:

Wallace: Now, The President Never said that Saddam Hussein was an imminent
threat. you saw, you did say that. If anyone hyped the intelligence, isn't it Jay

SEN. ROCKEFELLER: No. The — I mean, this question is asked a thousand
times and I'll be happy to answer it a thousand times. I took a trip by myself
in January of 2002 to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria, and I told each of the
heads of state that it was my view that George Bush had already made up his mind
to go to war against Iraq — that that was a predetermined set course which had
taken shape shortly after 9/11.

Powerline has also picked up the story. This is prolly bad news for Mr. Rockefellar. These boys know their stuff and are not going to let go any time soon.

Check out this story Powerline has up: Frontpage has posted a fascinating interview of former UNSCOM inspector Bill Tierney: "Where the WMDs went." read the whole thing.

and related news it looks like "The Push Back" has been rolled out in a big way with the VP throwing hammers at the Dems, and editorials flying off the keyboards faster than you can say "where are those damn WMDs" three times real fast. Like this one in the American Spectator, or this one from Realclear Politics.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Follow up to the 4 questions

Well John from Salems Lot responded with a post of his own asking me 4 more questions.

Here were his questions:

Why don't you ask THIS:
1) Do you think that every child in Africa should have access to clean disease-free drinking water?
2) Isn't that something Americans stand for?
3) Don't you think that these children deserve to drink water as clean as the water we drink here in the USA?
4) Do you prefer to ignore this problem and subjagate hundreds of thousands of African children to death by cholera?

Obviously..most of us would like Iraqis to be free and for the kids in Africa to have access to clean drinking water. Those really aren't the questions.

And here was my reply:

You also asked great questions and I am glad to answer them unequivocally.

1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Yes
4. No

I do not hear any dems calling for the end of financial aid to Africa. I do here them shouting "Let the Iraqis fend for themselves"

Don't you?

I know John will correct me if I am wrong but for as long as anyone has tracked such things. The United States has been the number 1 contributor in aid to Africa by both our government and individual donations. European individuals give next to nothing.

I get the impression he is a reasonable man and look forward to some productive discussions with him in the future.

Open Trackbacks today here: The Political Teen, Basil's Blog, TMH's Bacon Bits, Everyman Chronicles, Europhic Reality, Don Surber,

Three Cheers for Joe Lieberman!


Bob Krumm, John from Salems Lot, and I seem to have a pretty good conversation going on across our 3 blogs. I would characterize John as the farest left, myself center left, and Bob appears to be center right. Check out Bob's post on Joe Lieberman and some historical background and context on Senator Vandenberg who Mr. Lieberman qouted yesterday.

Read Johns follow up to my 4 questions for Dems at Salems Lot. Now we need a hard right winger to come in and tell us we are all idiots and commies. Any volunteers? Two Penny Pundit maybe?

Is he the only statesman left in the Democratic Party?

Well three cheers for Joe for his statements on the Senate floor and his article today at Real Clear Politics.

“Politics must end at the water's edge.” That is what Senator Arthur
Vandenberg of Michigan said, articulating the important ideal that we seem to
have lost too often in our time. I found a fuller statement of Senator
Vandenberg’s position, the ideal. I found it to be in some ways more complicated
and in other ways much more compelling. I want to read from it. Senator
Vandenberg said:

“To me ‘bipartisan foreign policy’ means a mutual effort, under our
indispensable two-party system, to unite our official voice at the water's edge
so that America speaks with maximum authority against those who would divide and conquer us and the free world.” That speaks to us today – the threat of
Islamist terrorism, the desire they have to divide us and, in that sense, to
conquer us in the free world. Senator Vandenberg continued in his definition of
what he meant by bipartisanship in foreign policy:

“It does not involve the remotest surrender of free debate in determining our position. On the contrary, frank cooperation and free debate are indispensable to ultimate unity of which I speak.”

In a word, it simply seeks national security ahead of partisan
advantage. I felt again in recent days and recent months how far we have
strayed down the partisan path from Vandenberg's ideals.

Thank you Mr. Lieberman for being at least one leader in my party that I can be proud of.

In a related story. Ex-Donkey says: "There's at least one Democrat out there who prioritizes national security over partisan politics and I'm proud to say that he's from Connecticut."

Opentrack backs at: Adam's Blog, Choose Life, The Political Teen, Third World County, Something and Half of Something, MacStansbury, bRight & Early, Cao's Blog, Don Surber, Basil's Blog, TMH's Bacon Bits, Peakah's Provocations, Right Wing Nation,

4 Questions for Democrats / Open Trackbacks

Not for the leadership, I already know where they stand. I mean average registered Dems like me. A couple days ago Bob Krumm suggested Democrats should support the war in Iraq and do everything in their power to win as quickly as possible. For poltical reasons if nothing else. The suggestion was not well received by many Dems as was evidenced by the Washington Monthly reaction and the comments that followed the post. So I asked the posters 4 questions. I will give you the obvious answers at the end but as usual my fellow Democrats disapointed me with their partisan hackery, complete lack of understanding, and no regard for right and wrong. As The Artist (a registered Republican) put it so well country always comes before party. Well so should doing the right thing by the Iraqis come before our party.
Here are the questions:

1. Do you think succeeding in promoting a democracy in Iraq would be a good thing?

2. Isn't that something the Democratic Party stands for?

3. Do you think the 25 million people living in Iraq deserve similar freedoms to the ones we enjoy?

4. Do you prefer we leave now and condemn them to chaos wiping your hands of the whole thing since you never supported the war in the first place?

Yes and so, too, would monkeys flying out of your ass be a good thing.
Enjoyable for everyone except the monkeys and the other troll who had to step
aside to make way for their exit. And quite as likely to occur. Shithead.

2. Isn't that something the Democratic Party stands for?
Democratic Party stands for promoting democracy in Iraq? I think you have this
confused with the Republicans' reason #135 for invading Iraq. Shithead.

3. Do you think the 25 million people living in Iraq deserve similar
freedoms to the ones we enjoy?
Yes, they should all be able to call you a shithead, too.

4. Do you prefer we leave now and condemn them to chaos wiping your
hands of the whole thing since you never supported the war in the first

The entire point of the thread just sailed over your head. Democrats
are not in charge of this war, Republican's are. They have had ample opportunity
to "win" it and have failed miserably. On the other hand, Bush will discover
that he has "won" the war next year, just in time for elections. Oh, sorry,
Number 4 was just stream-of-consciousness trollery with no point. My bad for
taking any of this seriously.


howard has already ably dispensed with Ugly American's four "don't you
care about democracy?" questions, but I would also like to point out that they
presume a fact not at all in evidence -- that Bush's policies will be successful. By turning the qestion to the intent behind Bush's Iraq war -- the "promote democracy" version, anyway, now that "defend the US from a threat" argument has been rendered laughable -- UA seeks to smear Bush's critics as opposing his (presumably) good intentions, and change the subject from the policy's disastrous and dishonest implementation.

No, UA, as howard and others pointed out, we're all for democracy; the
problem is, any democracy that arises in Iraq is too little, too late to justify
the expenditure of lives and treasure.


Ugly American:
"1. Do you think succeeding in promoting a democracy in
Iraq would be a good thing?
Democracy (free elections, freedom of the press) would be good anywhere. But is making war the right and only way to do it?

2. Isn't that something the Democratic Party stands for?
Sure. But again, by making war?

3. Do you think the 25 million people living in Iraq deserve similar
freedoms to the ones we enjoy?
See answers above.

4. Do you prefer we leave now and condemn them to chaos wiping your
hands of the whole thing since you never supported the war in the first

As someone, I think Pale Rider, above pointed out: the situation is
FUBAR. I don't believe there is any good way out. "Stay the course" results in
SOS. Withdrawal will leave chaos. But it's time to let the Iraqis work out their
destiny themselves.

I am opposed to war except as a very last resort because innocent
people die. I refuse to use the term "collateral damage" because this is a
weasel term which allows the user to gloss over the fact that these are real
people dying, people like you and me.

Also, it simply is not our RIGHT to go in and impose "democracy" at gunpoint. There is no argument that can be made which makes it our RIGHT to do this. Democracy by definition must come from those who would be governed that way, on their timetable, in their own way. OTOH, I would certainly say that we should encourage any groups which are working toward democracy in various countries. But we must also be very careful here: I'm sure Chalabi presented himself as one who wanted to overthrow Saddam so there could be "democracy" in Iraq. We can encourage by offering financial support, by encouraging our own people here to study languages and cultures of other countries, by working with immigrants from those countries to better understand them so that any encouragement we offer is constructive rather than destructive.

I'll play your ridiculous game:
11. Do you think succeeding in promoting a democracy in Iraq would be a good thing?
Funny how 'promoting democracy' in the 'central front of the war on terror' is proving difficult-to-impossible when the American occupiers have engaged in torture, run sham elections and provided little to none of the security needed to live in safety.In other words, how do you unfuck a virgin you've already deflowered?

2. Isn't that something the Democratic Party stands for?
If the Democratic Party ran this war from the start the would deserve the credits
and/or the blame. But for a historical perspective, it was the Democrats that
truly fucked up Vietnam, proving that without a legitimate mandate the import of
'democracy' is a lie, whether in the desert or the jungle.

3. Do you think the 25 million people living in Iraq deserve similar
freedoms to the ones we enjoy?
Wow. That's a lot of bullshit to swallow. Do the 1 billion people in China deserve similar freedoms to the ones we enjoy? Or the 121 million people of Nigeria? Or what about the 78 million in Egypt? Obviously you don't think so, or else you'd be right there on the front lines with Amnesty International and the rest of those NGOs.

4. Do you prefer we leave now and condemn them to chaos wiping your
hands of the whole thing since you never supported the war in the first
Do you prefer we stay for the indefinite future while Americans
continue to die for a war that you only now think is about freedom? How can you
fight a war for democracy in the middle of the central front of the war on
terror? Those require different responses, don't they? Or is it acceptible for
your neighbor's son to die in a fruitless war so long as you don't have

Moreover, they live in chaos NOW. Our presence there helps foster chaos
in Iraq and beyond. Our blind, dull and shameless leadership helped tie this
Gordian Knot and yet still, even after all this sensless death and destruction
with no plan communicated to us beyond the idiotic bromide of "stay the course"
this is somehow a failure of our will.
Sign up son. Iraq needs committed
young men like you.

Now, ugly american, the problem with your questions, which i'll deal
with in detail in a moment, is that we have exactly the same problem in iraq
that we had in vietnam: there is nothing to "win." meanwhile, there is such
a thing as cost-benefit analysis. and so, we can slog on indefinitely, not
losing, and maybe, some years down the road, iraq will be, oh, i dunno, turkey
lite - a non-theological islamic country where there is, more or less, civilian
control - but that will in no sense have been worth the cost in american blood
and treasure. so, to specifically address your little sequence of questions:
1.) yes, i think "promoting" a democracy in iraq would be a good thing. i also
think it would be a good thing to have democracy in dozens of other countries
that are currently ruled by totalitarian regimes, but i don't think we should
march off to war in order to rid these lands of their awful leadership;

2.) no, the democratic party does not stand for willy-nilly entering
into wars in order to "promote" democracy, particularly ones where the american
public bears virtually all the costs in blood and treasure;

3.) your question 3 is, of course, simply a variation on your question 1,
so see my answer, but i'll add a point: i do not think that the interests of 25M
iraqis are more important than the interests of 300M americans, and the
interests of 300M americans are not being well-served by this war;

4.) i'm actually torn about what to do now. That's how we know this is a
FUBAR situation - we're damned if we do (withdraw) and we're damned if we don't
(withdraw). i don't think we should withdraw simply because the war was a bad
idea, poorly implemented. but it's an open question whether our staying there is
doing anything but providing target practice. but i do know that to determine the best way out of this mess is not to be caught up with democracy "promotion;" it's to take a clear-eyed and realistic look at costs and benefits of our policy options and choose the one that enhances american national security interests the best. we don't do that by paens to democracy "promotion" so that 25M iraqis can turn into NASCAR dads and soccer moms.

Pale Rider

1. Do you think succeeding in promoting a democracy in Iraq would be a
good thing?
Yes, but how likely are you to achieve this while over 4 million
military-aged Iraqi males sit on the fence and do nothing to ensure that
democracy and stability can be a reality? The only experience with democracy
that they've seen in the Middle East is Israel and the Arabs don't seem to care
for Israel. Hence, the majority seem to be saying, 'we'll sit on the fence
because we don't want to be like Israel.'

2. Isn't that something the Democratic Party stands for?
Sure. Whenever the Democratic Party has ever tried to do such things, they are slammed for engaging in 'Nation Building.' See: 1999, with our intervention in Kosovo. Now, all of a sudden, nation building is what the Republican Party loves to engage in, while they once condemned the Democrats for it. So, the question is, does
the Republican Party stand for anything at all?

3. Do you think the 25 million people living in Iraq deserve similar
freedoms to the ones we enjoy?
Not if they don't do anything for those freedoms. See number one, above, and see number two, above as well. No group of people can build themselves a free country without getting off the fence and doing something about it.

4. Do you prefer we leave now and condemn them to chaos wiping your hands
of the whole thing since you never supported the war in the first place?
Yeah--what's your point? All of a sudden, it's the Democrats fault that the administration of post-war Iraq, which was handled EXCLUSIVELY by
handpicked ideologues from the dregs of the Republican Party? See: Coalition
Provisional Authority, and understand this: had the post war planning been
conducted in a reasonably competent fashion by someone other than Douglas
"Stupidest Fucking Guy on the Planet" Feith and the corrupt and fiscally
careless CPA (where are those billions of dollars?) PERHAPS chaos wouldn't be
the watchword of the day.Too frickin' honest for you? Next set of questions
Posted by: Arnie's Car. on

1. Do you think succeeding in promoting a democracy
in Iraq would be a good thing?
2. Isn't that something the Democratic
Party stands for?
3. Do you think the 25 million people living in
Iraq deserve similar freedoms to the ones we enjoy?
4. Do you prefer we leave now and condemn them to chaos wiping your hands of the whole thing since you never supported the war in the first place?
Your use of the AND operator suggests a package deal fallacy. I'll answer the questions seperately, if you don't mind. a) Do I prefer we leave now? -Yes b) Do I prefer we condemn them to chaos? -No
Glad to answer your questions.

The only correct answers to the questions are:
1. Do you think succeeding in promoting a democracy in Iraq would be a good thing?
2. Isn't that something the Democratic Party stands for?

3. Do you think the 25 million people living in Iraq deserve similar freedoms to the ones we enjoy?

4. Do you prefer we leave now and condemn them to chaos wiping your hands of the whole thing since you never supported the war in the first place?

No, we owe it to ourselves, to the Americans who have given their lives to this cause and to the Iraqi people to see this through to the end.

Now I am a Democrat because I thought the party was about Idealism. I thought it stood for Democracy and Freedom for everyone not just Americans. Willing to sacrifice our own treasure, and indeed blood to promote that cause and defend the oppressed throughout the world. JFK did, Truman did. Isn't that what Bill Clinton was trying to do in Somalia, and Bosnia? Didn't we as a party support those efforts? President Clinton should not have put our military in such a precarious position in Somalia nor should he have retreated at the first casualties but that is another argument for another day. The only reason I can see that Dems are so callous about the future of Iraq. Why they are so willing, indeed eager to condemn the Iraqi people to murder, mayhem, and chaos let alone allow terrorists an opportunity to gain control of that country and its vast resources is that a Republican president made the decision to remove a ruthless dictator, confront terrorists in their part of the world, and challenge 25 million people stand up for themselves and determine their own future.

The Dictator is gone soon to stand trial for his genocide, his brutal sons who were sure to inherit Iraq upon his death are dead, Thousands of terrorists who would gladly kill everyone of us if able are dead, thousands more are in custody, and the most moving and inspiring of all are the millions of Iraqis who have now voted twice under threat of death proving they are willing to risk their lives for freedom. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi's have volunteered for the military, and police force, thousands of them (Dwarfing American causalities) paying with their lives for their country's future.

George W. Bush has not only confronted our sworn enemies in Saddam and Al Qaeda, he has given hope to the 25 million people of Iraq, and hundreds of millions more Arabs who now live under the boot of fascists and dictatorial regimes. JFK and Harry Truman would have been proud to vote for him and support him even if he wasn't a Democrat.

Don't Go into the Light has a related story where Democratic Representatives will be ignoring Democratic principals and feeding red meat to the Bush haters.

Common Folk Using Common Sense is spreading the word about the "Bush Lied People Died" crowd:

"The Liberal's Media©, the Barking Moonbat Left, the Deaniac Democrats, the Loony Liberals, the Sheenenistas, and the Neo-Socialists all want you to believe that BUSH LIED. But anyone with an IQ above room temperature can prove beyond doubt that he didn't lie his way into war just by promoting a simple Google search."

If you have something to share leave a trackback but be sure to link back here in the body of your post or your trackback will be deleted.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

No One Says it Like Hitchens

You do not want to be on the other side of an argument with this guy. As the moonbats leading the "Bush Lied Us Into War" crowd now is. Decision08 had this up yesterday and I am remiss for not reading and posting it sooner.

So which is it moonbats are you really as stupid as you claim to be or just disingenuous scoundrels who are so fillied with irrational hate for George Bush that you are willing to do anything including lying about something as serious as a war that over 2,000 brave men and women of this country have died in.

Shame on you.

I now give you Mr. Hitchens in all his literary glory:

What do you have to believe in order to keep alive your conviction that the
Bush administration conspired to launch a lie-based war? As with (I admit) the
pro-war case, the ground of argument has a tendency to shift. I saw two examples
in Washington last week. An exceptionally moth-eaten and shabby picket line
outside Ahmad Chalabi's event on Wednesday featured a man with a placard
alleging that Bush had prearranged the 9/11 attacks. I know a number of left and
right anti-warriors who have flirted with this possibility but very few who
truly believe it. (Even Gore Vidal, who did at one point insinuate the idea, has
recently withdrawn it, if only on the grounds of the administration's

But then there is the really superb pedantry and literal-mindedness on
which the remainder of the case depends. This achieved something close to an
apotheosis on the front page of the Washington Post on Nov. 12, where Dana
Milbank and Walter Pincus brought complete gravity to bear. Is it true, as the president claimed in his Veterans Day speech, that Congress saw the same intelligence sources before the war, and is it true that independent commissions have concluded that there was no willful misrepresentation? Top form was reached on
the inside page:

But in trying to set the record straight, [Bush] asserted: "When I made
the decision to remove Saddam Hussein from power, Congress approved it with
strong bipartisan support." The October 2002 joint resolution authorized the
use of force in Iraq, but it did not directly mention the removal of Hussein
from power.

A prize, then, for investigative courage, to Milbank and Pincus. They
have identified the same problem, though this time upside down, as that which
arose from the passage of the Iraq Liberation Act, during the Clinton-Gore
administration, in 1998. That legislation—which passed the Senate without a
dissenting vote—did expressly call for the removal of Saddam Hussein but did not
actually mention the use of direct U.S. military force.

Todays headlines 11.15.05

Hugh Hewitt has reaction to todays resolutions introduced in the US Senate by both Democrats and Republicans. He is not happy at all with his Reps and I don't blame him. I agree with Scrappleface, these resolutions give aid and comfort to our enemies.

Brian Maloney is still all over Al Franken and his latest hypocrisy. Brian has a guest blog on Michelle Malkins site today.

Stop the ACLU has a great interview with the one and only Glen Reynolds. It is a must read.

You have to read this article by Stephen F. Hayes:

I got a list of document titles that seemed particularly interesting:
1. Iraqi Intelligence Service (IIS) Correspondence to Iraq Embassy in the
Philippines and Iraq MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
2. Possible al Qaeda Terror Members in Iraq
3. IIS report on Taliban-Iraq Connections Claims
4. Money Transfers from Iraq to Afghanistan
9. Locations of Weapons/Ammunition Storage (with map)
10. Iraqi Effort to Cooperate with Saudi Opposition Groups and
11. Order from Saddam to present $25,000 to Palestinian Suicide Bombers
12. IIS reports from Embassy in Paris: Plan to Influence French Stance on
U.N. Security Council 13. IIS Importing and Hiding High Tech Computers in
Violation of UN
14. IIS request to move persons, documents to private residences
15. Formulas and information about Iraq's Chemical Weapons Agents
16. Denial and Deception of WMD and Killing of POWs
18. Ricin research and improvement
22. Document from Uday Hussein regarding Taliban activity
23. Improvised Explosive Devices Plan
24. IIS reports on How French Campaigns are Financed
25. French and German relationships with Iraq
27. IIS plan for 2000 of Europe's Influence of Iraq Strategy
28. IIS plans to infiltrate countries and collect information to help
remove sanctions

There are thousands of similar documents. Most of them are unclassified.
That's important: Most of them are unclassified.

Now would't you like to know what those documents say? read the whole thing it is a long list of very interesting documents.

I have a feeling Bob Krumm and I are going to agree on a lot of things. I have only read two of his posts so far, yesterday and today but both times he has been spot on. His take today on what is really important in a Supreme Court Justice explains exactly what we should all expect of our judges no matter our political affiliation or particular positions on hot button issues.

Oh and did anyone besides me watch any part of "Category 7 End of the World"? This is quite possibly the biggest piece of crap I have ever seen. Of course the name kind of gives that away but Gina Gershawn pouting for 2 hours (wait her lips are frozen that way), and just a ludicrous story that includes the same guy who played the Evil Vice President in "Day After Tomorrow" is playing the Evil Vice President again in this flick. Only he takes it up a notch not only refusing to tell the president what the "scientists" have discovered but firing the head of FEMA and then unplugging his live broadcast when the righteous now Ex-FEMA chief tries to warn the public.

But its all good later on the Evil Vice President gets sucked right out of the Whitehouse by a huge tornado because of course they would attempt to evacuate the white house until the tornado was actually hitting the building.

This craptastic piece of small screen trash wouldn't be complete without the whacko Christians kidnapping school children because they interpreted the storm/s as a sign from god that this is the end of the world. Of course everybody knows Revelations has this big part in it about kidnapping children. ....... Err wait it doesn't? Well never mind it made for a great moment in nationally televised religious bigotry.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Democrats React to Suggestion of Supporting Iraq / Open Trackbacks

Ok so I read Bob Krumm's post today and I agree with him. It would be good political strategy for Democrats to cooperate and honestly try to help create a stable democracy in Iraq. I happen to think it is happening without them anyway but it could only help the effort if they stopped pushing the shameful political charge of "bush lied us into war".

So anyway I follow a link to his post with Democratic Reaction at The Washington Monthly. I guess I shouldn't be any more but once again I was shocked at the virulent and almost manic comments.

Like this one from Sparko:

I have my doubts these SOBs didn't steal two elections (Ohio seems to have Diebolded the recent initiatives too . . .) Looking for scapegoats instead of in the mirror, typical of the Republican leadership style. They are like Ken Lay; they have no idea what they are doing but will fire anyone who stands in their way.

The new Nicolle [Devenish] Wallace spin makes me sick too. She is the new PR front for Satan. Hope she is proud of herself. Berkeley???

Or this from Stephan:

Sure. Just like Germany's loss in World War I was, to the rabid right wing, the fault of the liberals and the Jews. This is merely the 2005 American version of the Dolchstosslegende.

Cheryl completely melts down. Here are a few excerpts:

no counting of votes needed by US citizens, indeed we’re told we don’t have the right to vote by the late Chief Justice, William H Rehnquist unless the state gives it to us, (do the people of Florida have the right to vote?)

Let Bush win the war, that he's already lost, my ass. You’d think in a so called democracy Bush would need some kind of proof that the US is actually in danger, but Bush clearly didn't had any proof so Bush just invented it, and now accuses others of re-writing history.

Where journalist afraid of the Bush administrations "ballistic," and threatening actions? This Administration lied us into war and press, too many like Judith Miller, simply let Bush lie about everything.

Samuel has faith in our military and GWB:

For the last 3 years George Bush got everything he asked for from the Democrats to "win" in Iraq. After devoting 100,000 + troops and hundreds of billions of dollars, the US is losing. Losing in Iraq, losing on the international court of public opinion, and losing its army.

After all that someone suggests that the democrats should let Bush win? That's delusional. Bush is clearly incapable of winning in Iraq - if he hasn't won by now, there's no way he's going to win now.

Pale Rider doesn’t disappoint making sure to get the war is for Haliburton argument in:

Yeah--what's your point? All of a sudden, it's the Democrats fault that the administration of post-war Iraq, which was handled EXCLUSIVELY by handpicked ideologues from the dregs of the Republican Party, failed to achieve anything other than lining the pockets of a bunch of defense contractors in Northern Virginia?

Hostile (now this guy really picked an appropriate name) gives sound advice:

There is only one way to win the war in Iraq: kill every Iraqi except Chalabi. Unfortunately, that is exactly what Bush is trying to accomplish.

Now I have been accused (by some) in the past of selecting a few radicals from kook sites that are not really representative of most Democrats. Personally I would like to think and truly hope that is true. Unfortunately these comments are very representative of the thread and The Washington Monthly is a pretty mainstream source isn't it?

I asked these Dems 4 questions in the thread. I will follow up with my questions and their replies later.

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