Monday, October 31, 2005

Ok Christopher Hitchens is My Favorite Leftist

Unfortunately for the Bush haters he doesn't follow the typical Bush hating, Republican Hating America Hating line. The man has principals that go beyond a party, or ideology. He is what I would call a true liberal (like me). His piece today in the Wall Street Journal is as usual brilliant. I would really like to have a beer with this guy, but I think he prefers scotch?

As usual my fellow liberals are embarassing me

Going way over the top at Americablog With comments like this from anonymiss:

This nomination is an absolute wake-up call for both leftists and centrists. If are not to become Nazi Germany (and I know that's harsh, but it's honestly the way I'm feeling right now), we've GOT to do something. Now is the time, and this is the issue.

Or this Gem by Anonymous (it seems a very popular moniker for kooks)

Scalito looks like a child a Hastert or Sensenbrenner kinda creepy feel-you-up-while-you-sleep type of guy!

At least Sockmonkey lends a voice of reason:

GOD! can we NOT spend the week wailing about a right winger pres. picking a right wing judge? !!! and figure out a way to win elections instead.

this phony outrage is getting tiresome. we lucked out with miers - but, as usual, the DEMS had no plan to deal with her

Plenty of religious bigots in the Democratic Party as Aahpat illustrates:

This is a nomination under the control of a foreign government, the papacy in Rome.

This nomination will give Pope Bennedict a five member majority cabal of devout Roman Catholics on the United States Supreme

Sukabi would not be outdone responding to my comment with this bit of wisdom….Gasp Republicans are Racists and Nazis!

Hey Ugly, it's not Bush's right as president to have every nominee confirmed, the senate has to give it's advice and consent - meaning that they have a say in determining what is right for America -

or would you consider that a judge who is well-qualified, but is also a grand dragon, or perhaps holds membership in a neo-nazi party also a qualified pick that should be confirmed - without question?

Let’s not leave out the anti military contingent Flootsnot chimes in with:

Oh, by the way, six more USA soldiers (Force of Occupation Commando Killers -- FOCKers) were killed in Iraq today.

Honestly it is frightening to me that these people claim to be Democrats (sockmonkey excepted).

Misc. Stuff

James Webb is a very smart man with some very interesting opinions on Vietnam and Iraq.

Liberal Rapture
is a great center left Blog I I came across today. Like me they think the Democratic party will need ideas to win elections.

Betsy as usual has lots of links to lots of smart people talking about Alito.

The ispo comic is really funny today (isn't it always?). I get all geeked up when I see someone from Thailand has been on the site.

Cox and Forkrum sums up the Dem reaction to the scooter libby indictment well.

If you haven't visited the porkbusters site yet. Do it right now. I support the Fiscal Watch Team Offset Package and I strongly encourage you to do the same. Call your congressman and Senators and tell them you support cutting the pork barrel spending in your state and expect them to vote accordingly. They have an extensive list of pork by state and district. You can come up with one or two your state doesn't need. Feel free to leave comments regarding pork in your state you think shound be eliminated.

Thank you again to the political teen for another Open Trackback day.

Congratulations to Judge Alito on his Nomination

Now that President Bush has nominated Sam Alito to the SCOTUS, No doubt a highly qualified candidate ( has lots of background). I fully expect more than a few Dem Senators, and the left wing groups like Nan Aron’s Alliance for Justice and Ralph Nees' People for the American Way to push for a filibuster. I have no idea if they will succeed or fail, but our country will be lesser for it.

Either we will end up with the constitutional or nuclear option implemented (lowering the threshold of senators needed to confirm a judge), or a highly qualified judge will be denied a seat on the SCOTUS solely based on his judicial philosophy.

This is one more step on the slippery slope away from our founding fathers original intent. Shame on both parties for their role in it.

I sincerely hope for our country's sake I am wrong and he is confirmed by a majority of the Senate.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

A Fan Site for CNNN News?

Ok this is weird. Major K made this post about the Iraqi Constitutional Referendum and subsequent coverage by CNN International on Oct 17. Then some whacko posts a comment on his site and says she is the Administrator of the CNN Fan Website.

Dear Major K,

I am an administrator on, and my URL is given above. You have made some slanderous remarks against Shihab Rattansi, as can be seen in the extract below of the actual interview you were only partially paying any attention to:

An exchange ensues. Very interesting to see how an America hating freak goes berserk.

THERE WAS NO SUCH INTERVIEW!!! It does not EXIST!!!! The only reason you wish to block me (and feel free to do so!) is that you cannot handle the truth, and far from wishing to admit to your mistakes, all you can do is try to apply your thuggish attitudes towards others. I was unaware you had such a tremendous knowledge on Iraqi literacy levels, let alone anything else! The fact that you ARE FIGHTING AN ILLEGAL WAR, WHICH HAD BEEN DECLARED AS A RESULT OF "WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION" AND THE FACT THAT YOUR AMERICAN SOLDIERS HAVE BEEN PROVED TO ABUSE PRISONERS ILLEGALLY, BOTH SEXUALLY AND PHYSICALLY, AND EVEN YESTERDAY, YOUR AMERICAN MILITARY ARE GOING TO BE SUED BY AN EGYPTIAN FOR ILLEGALLY DETAINING HIM, AND CAUSING HIM TO BE PERMANANTLY DISABLED MAY BE A REASON WHY MOST OF THE WORLD'S PRESS HATES YOUR GOVERNMENT!

I encourage you to read the whole exchange. Does anyone else find it weird and stalker like that CNN news has a fan site?

Friday, October 28, 2005

Some things to read over the weekend

I will be out of town so I hope you all enjoy this stuff as much as I did. has the scuttlebutt on the next SCOTUS Nominee.

Crime & Federalism has some interesting observations about Judge Alito.

For the record my pick would be Janice Rodgers Brown. She just has such a compelling story. Politically it would be very interesting to watch. The Dems would pull out all the stops to scuttle her nomination. The Republicans would claim they were sexist and racist. It could be one of the most crushing defeats ever for the GOP or it could be the catalyst needed to actually put the black vote up for grabs. Which would be a great thing for this country and black voters. It also might actually settle once and for all where the public stood on judges making it up as they go or strictly interpreting the constitution.

Arnold Beichman has a very interesting read in the Washington Times about life for Arab Women

A small excerpt:

Something is beginning to stir in the Arab world; women are speaking up about the crushing burdens they bear in their male-dominated world. And this burden has little to with the religion of Islam itself. After all, the most populous Islamic country in the world is Indonesia, yet women there have such high status that one of them, Megawati Sukarnoputri, became the president of Indonesia in 2003.

One of the most outspoken manifestoes against Arab male domination has just been published in the
London Arabic language daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat under the title "Imagine You're a Woman." The author is Badriyya Al-Bishr, a lecturer in social sciences at King Saud University. The translation is by MEMRI.

Read the whole thing. It just might make you think twice about how a half billion women are treated in the Islamic world.

For those who don’t already know. The Weekly Standard had this today

Saddam Hussein "Gave Preferential Treatment" to France

From an Associated Press piece today on the massive oil-for-food scandal:

Tracing the politicization of oil contracts, the report said Iraqi leaders in the late 1990s decided to deny American, British and Japanese companies allocations to purchase oil because of their countries' opposition to lifting sanctions.

At the same time, it said, Iraq gave preferential treatment to France, Russia and China, which were perceived to be more favorable to lifting sanctions and were also permanent members of the Security Council.

Anyone surprised by the duplicitous cheese eating surrender monkeys? Oh did I tell you I didn’t care much for France?

Victor Davis Hansen says it like no one else can

To paraphrase the ancient Greeks, it is easy to be moral in your sleep. Abstract ethics or soapbox lectures demanding superhuman perfection mean little without deeds.

Plame Gate Indictment

Mr. Fitzgerald is conducting a press conference as I type and he sounds pretty damn serious. 5 counts against Scooter Libby including perjury and obstruction of justice that could land him in prison for the next 30 years. This does not look good for Scooter Libby who has resigned. The good news for the white house is Karl Rove seems to be in the clear(for now). There will be lots to talk about to be sure and the Dems will have a field day.
The political teen has video here.

Thank you to The Political Teen

for open trackback Friday. Also thank you to Mike at Ipso Facto for all his patience in helping this newbie blogger.

And I have added so folks can trackback to their blogs. Lets hope it works. Oh and sorry to those who have made previous comments. It seems the new trackback feature deleted them when I added it.

Real Politik is an abject failure and immoral

The Real Politik philosophy and foreign policy is not only a proven failure it is morally wrong and un-American. Yes I said it.

Krauthammer is right on the money. Scowcroft and his ilk (Kissinger comes to mind) went adrift somewhere during the cold war. They called it a necessary evil to consort with and support dictators and despots. They claimed we could not fight every battle at once and if we didn’t support them the Soviets would. Maybe they were right. Well the Soviet Union is long gone, so should be the real politik policies that spawned Al Qaeda, Wahabism, The house of Saud, and condemned more than a billion people to be ruled over by all sorts of heinous regimes.

Some have described the Neo-Cons as Liberals with guns. Well that’s me. I voted for Bush in 2004 (I voted for gore in 2000.) not only because I believed he would defend this country vigorously , but because when he talked about bringing democracy to the greater middle east and ending tyranny it gave me chills and tears of pride ran down my cheeks. He was talking about the America I grew up loving and believing was the greatest country in the world that for some unexplainable reason I was so lucky to be born in.

I don't know how the transformation came about but somewhere somehow Republicans started talking more like Dems and Dems more like the GOP. I hardly recognize my party today.

Spreading democracy throughout the world used to be a Liberal Ideal. Harry Truman believed it and fought for it, John F. Kennedy believed it and fought for it. Nothing defined that once core Democratic belief than these words by John F. Kennedy at his 1961 inaugural. They are now on his gravesite inscription at Arlington National Cemetery:

Let every nation know
Whether it wishes us well or ill
That we shall pay any price - bear any burden
Meet any hardship - support any friend
Oppose any foe to assure the survival
And the success of liberty

Now the trumpet summons us again
Not as a call to bear arms
- though embattled we are
But a call to bear the burden of a long twilight struggle
A struggle against the common enemies of man Tyranny - Poverty - Disease - and War itself

In the long history of the world
Only a few generations have been granted
The role of defending freedom
In the hour of maximum danger
I do not shrink from this responsibility
I welcome it


Where are those Democrats today?

Many would say now they are called Neo-Cons. If thats true then count me as one of them.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

More on Miers

The truly said thing about today and what has happened the last 3 weeks is that the actions of some in the Republican Party have not just hurt their party, it has hurt the country. It has hurt every one of We The People. This has made the judicial appointment process harder and more partisan and more beholden to ideological litmus tests for every nominee in the foreseeable future.

Nominations are the prerogative of the president. The constitution is quite clear on this point. (All of her detractors know this!) Every one of us as a responsible informed citizen needs to consider this before we ever pull the lever, punch the chad completely through so it doesn’t hang, or cast our final electronic ballot.

Every one of these so called “conservative movement” originalists I.E. David Frum, Georgie boy Will, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Mark Levin, Is a hypocrite. They are all now just as guilty as the left of crucifying a nominee in public when they know damn well she can not defend herself. And Why? Because either they had doubts about how she would vote on Roe, or simply out of jealousy that one of their high priests didn’t get the nod. Neither is justification for the coup d'tat they pulled. They have injured us all. I for one will not forget it nor forgive them so quickly.

JUDGE BORK for God sakes BORKED Ms. Miers! This great man who was worshiped by the movement brought shame on himself and his movement with his cruel and unjust attack on Ms. Miers. I invite Judge Bork to point to the article and section in the constitution that explains the qualification/s she failed to meet. And don’t try to tell me David Frum doesn’t have some personal issue with Ms. Miers. Always condescendingly throwing in how he likes her But she’s too dumb, But she’s too unorganized (YES he did say that), always quoting anonymous sources to assure us of her ineptitude. With friends like that who needs enemies?

misc. Stuff

This is a great story showing the power of blogs! Complete story here

from the why we are better than them file. This latest idiocy from the Euros. No more reading books with Pigs in them?

This from the Guardian. A very interesting read. here is an excerpt:

'We don't need al-Qaida' Abu Theeb is the leader of a band of Sunni insurgents that preys on US targets north of Baghdad. Last week he openly defied al-Qaida in Iraq by actively supporting the referendum. Ghaith Abdul-Ahad spentfive days with him - and uncovered evidence of a growing split in the insurgency This is a profound shift in thinking for these insurgents, a shift that might just change the way things develop in Iraq.

Miers Withdraws!

Wow I was about to post something else and just heard this on the radio. I can't say I am shocked but I am surprised. I am also very dissapointed in the Republicans who forced this to happen. They should be ashamed of themselves to attack a decent well qualified woman completely undeserving of the treatment she has received. Thanks for showing us you are no better than the idealogues on the other side of the aisle.

I cant wait for the party on the Laura Ingraham show. very sad. ***Edit*** GAH Exactly as expected. First words out of Lauras mouth, "We should thank Harriet Miers for doing the right thing" Laura should be apologizing to this woman!

2000 deaths in Iraq party or memorial? sent someone to the not one dollar more not one more death event in San Francisco and took pictures. You decide if these people are celebrating, or somberly remembering the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Personally I have to call the photos inconclusive. These people certainly are not crying and seem to be in good spirits. However when someone is taking pictures it makes people goofy. Nearly anyone will smile for a camera, and it is San Francisco where people have non traditional celebrations of life vs. funerals all the time. I would love to hear your comments about it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

stuff to read today

Ok This can not be true can it? USA Today editing Condi Rice's picture to make her look like the devil? Michelle Malkin has the story. broke this news.

A funny if it wasnt so true carton from ipsofacto.

The Brent Scowcroft interview in the New Yorker this week looks to be interesting in a very sad way. Here are two "journalists" talking about ones interview with Scowcroft. Personally I find Scowcroft's position and RealPolitik attitude frightening especially since it is a proven failure i.e. Al Qaeda, Iran's Mullahs, Wahabism, etc, etc. I will post more on this later.

Michael Yon's Latest post is as usual fantastic.

Here is a great article from a left wing journalist who was kidnapped in Falujah. Very interesting read.

Sasha Abramsky posted this great article Whos Al-Qaeda Problem earlier this month. This is one of the reasons I love!

I still haven't figured out the qoute thing but here is an excerpt from the article:

Much of the left’s opposition to the Iraq war and the Bush administration’s anti-terror campaigns – voiced by figures like Tariq Ali, Robert Fisk, George Galloway, Naomi Klein, and John Pilger – has blinded it to the need to engage with real problems and threats, says Sasha Abramsky.


Some of my friends and relatives tell me I’ve changed – that my politics
aren’t as “leftwing” as they used to be during the anti-nuclear movement in Britain back in the 1980s. In a way, they are right. My core politics haven’t changed, but it seems to me that the world has changed so dramatically – traditional alliances and reference points have become unreliable, the ground rules of the power game have so shifted – I’d be a fool not to incorporate these changes into my analytical framework.

I strongly encourage any of you who consider yourself left of center to read the entire article and seriously think about what we are facing today.

Then here is another great article by Eli Lake in response to Sasha's article titled aptly The left and al-Qaida: two cheers for Sasha Abramsky . Again this is a must read especially if you consider yourself a Liberal (as I do).

Leftists like Tariq Ali, Robert Fisk, John Pilger, and Arundhati Roy are not misguided progressives but on the other side of freedom, says Eli Lake.

Progressives, however, should go further than being saddened “by how
utterly incapable were those same arguments of generating responses to the fanaticism of our time.” It’s worse than that.
Robert Fisk, JohnPilger, Tariq Ali, George Galloway, and their co-thinkers are the vanguard of an illiberal left, a faction among progressives whose sympathies lie with nostalgic fascists.

Ok that should prolly keep you busy for today. I may have more later so get crackin.

The Miers Nomination

Well there is a lot to talk and think about right these days. Will Miers be confirmed or will the Republicans eat their own this time? Hugh has been her most ardent and well spoken defender. See his latest post here. I agree with him if Republican Senators who voted for Ruth Baider Ginsberg end up voting against Miers expect the GOP to loose seats in 06.

I can not help but find it utter hypocrisy on their part. It is the president’s prerogative to appoint who he sees fit. I said the same thing about Roberts when the left was opposing him for ideological reasons. Barring ethical issues or complete incompetence a president’s choice for the Supreme Court should be confirmed. Litmus tests from either side on Roe, 2nd Amendment, or any other hot button issue are just plain wrong. For those who claim she is unqualified I direct them to read their constitution. If you don't have one handy you can buy a pocket size one here for $1. I have one in my desk drawer, 1 in the car and 1 at home. I bought 20 so I can hand them out to friends when they think they know what they are talking about. Maybe I should send a few of them to some right wing pundits.

You will find it’s not very long 34 4" x 6" pages in easy to read print. I seem to understand it and I am no attorney. I find it very hard to believe Ms. Miers with all of her experience with the law can not.

Any honest person will quickly admit she is qualified according to the constitution. You don't even have to be a lawyer to be appointed to the SCOTUS. So the next question is what exactly is the standard they want to hold her to? A historical one? She is at least as qualified as half of the Supremes who have been appointed to the court since its inception. Our recently deceased chief William Rehnquist had comparable credentials when nominated to the court in 1971.

Oh and to the conservatives who keep whining and claiming they know lots of better candidates, IT’S NOT YOUR CHOICE TO MAKE. The time to lobby for your favorite was before the pick was made. If you are mad that your friends didn’t get nominated or if you can do better then run for office in 2008. GWB won the Presidency, Not Laura Ingraham, Not Bill Kristol and certainly not George Will. Georgie boy (will not Bush) has been very elequent and in the minority party for a very very long time but he has never won an election in his life. He may want to listen to someone who has for once.

To be blunt quite a few of you are sounding like Democrats. Last I checked they were looking up. If you dont knock it off you will find your beloved "conservative movement" back in the minority.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Why Colin Powel is no longer Secretary of State!

Ok this is the article that forced me start the blog. I had been thinking about blogging for a long time. When I read this article this morning about 5am my time it was the straw that broke the proverbial camels back. I like Colin Powell. If we were voting for president today I would vote for him. However it is obvious that he was never on the GWB admins team. His state dept was constantly working against admin policies as is evidenced by Mr. Wilkersons recent comments and his article today.

How the hell could this guy have been in serving in the administration for 3 years as the cheif of staff to the Sec. of State?!

IN PRESIDENT BUSH'S first term, some of the most important decisions about U.S. national security — including vital decisions about postwar Iraq — were made by a secretive, little-known cabal. It was made up of a very small group of people led by Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

I am sorry but you do not do this to an admin you are serving in and should be loyal to.

Its insular and secret workings were efficient and swift — not unlike the decision-making one would associate more with a dictatorship than a democracy.

No its workings were like an elected president running his executive office the way he saw fit. He goes on:

But the secret process was ultimately a failure. It produced a series of disastrous decisions and virtually ensured that the agencies charged with implementing them would not or could not execute them well.

He may have valid criticisms, hell he may even be right ( I don't think so) but this should not be coming from a former administration insider. This guy is a prime example of a broken disfunctional state department under Colin Powell. If you do not agree with the foundation of your presidents policy (which the Iraq war was) then do the right thing and freaking resign. Dont serve for 3 years actively rooting against and most likely undermining his policy. Join the opposition, work to have him defeated in the next election. Shame on you Mr. Wilkerson.

So Here Goes.

I have been using the moniker "The Ugly American" for about 2 years now while posting on various message boards. I started this blog at the urging of a radio host Hugh Hewit.
/bow to you Hugh for inspiring me to action. I used the word Moniker intentionally over Nom De Plume since I wouldnt piss on france if it was on fire. I will have plenty to say about france later but yes I have actually been there more than once and I can assure you they earn the scorn they receive. Gah dont get me started on france!

So I am not a Washington Insider or any other type of mucky muck just an average citizen with opinions. I am however a News Junky. I am still today a registered Democrat. GWB and the Govenator are the first and only Republicans I have ever voted for. I voted for Gore in 2000. I did vote for whoever the Rep. running against Boxer purely on principle. I can't even remember his name. Hugh would know he was on his show. A lackluster candidate if you ask me.

Hugh would call me a 9/11 Democrat. I like that term. I like a lot of what Hugh says even if he is a shameless partisan. In fact I like that about him too. At least you know where the guy is coming from. Now I dont want to seem like some kind of stalker so enough about Mr. Hewitt. I listen to talk /news radio all day at work my list includes Michael Medved, NPR , Dennis Prager, Laura Ingraham (she is a little anoying) , a couple local Los Angeles guys Doug Macintyre (doug is quite possibly the best local morning drive talker in the country), Mr. KABC (best left wing radio guy in America), Pacifica Radio (thats the LA commie station), and occasionally Hannity, Al Rantel , and Larry Elder

I serf the net and visit several newsites and blogs, NYT,NPR,Washington times and post, New York Post, LA Times, Chicago Trib, USA Today, Fox (of course) Slate, MSNBC, CNN,Real Clear Politics (thats a must!), NRO Online, Wall Street Journal, Weekly Standard , The Scottsman (great Brit Paper!), Hughs Blog, Instapundent, Powerline, LGF, Michael Yon (love that blog!), Black Five, Captains Quarters, Michelle Malkin (she rocks!), (I just found this one the other day and it has some outstanding writing on the left). I know I am leaving some really good ones out. I read a ton more but I think this gives a good idea of the kind of stuff I read.

Then I Tivo the following news shows Special Report(this is a must watch program), hannity & Colmes, Hardball(aka softball), Tucker Carlson(now that guy is annoying), Scarborough Country, The Beltway Boys, Fox News Watch, Fox News Sunday, This week with George Snufalufagus, Meet the Press, Tim Russert, Oreily. Now I dont watch every minute of every show. Gotta love TIVO! I fast forward all commercials and all the tragedy TV stuff (Copyright to Laura Ingrahm). I can not remember the last time I watched more than 5 minutes of network news.

I told you I was a news junkie. Anyway one promise I will make now. I will have lots of strong opinions some left some right. I will always try to back up my opinions with facts. You may read the occasional blue language Ok maybe more than occasional. You are welcome to post and argue. In fact I invite you to do so.

Lastly a question for anyone who is not the complete blog newbie I am. There is another guy who registered the name "The Ugly American" on Blogspot about a week ago. I would like to contact him and ask him to let me have it but I dont see a way to do so on his site. any help would be much appreciated.

You can contact me at

yes someone beat me to that one too damn it!