Friday, December 23, 2005

You We Didn't Vote For! / Open Trackback post

Tom Daschle has an OpEd in todays Washington Post saying Congress never granted the President the powers he asserted to conduct "warrentless searches" to monitor people in the United States communicating with terrorists abroad.

Well I have news for Mr. Daschle. YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR US ANYMORE. That's right it appears Mr. Daschle didn't get the memo. The voters booted his ass out of office a year ago. The first Senate party leader to lose a race for re-election in 50 years. Why do you think that happened Tom?

Maybe we didn't agree with your judgement, your obstructionism, or your partisan political hackery over the best interest and safety of the American people.

So Tom doesn't think the president has the authority. Several constitutional law professors do, and many of those who disagree with the president politically admit this is a grey area in the law intentionally left this way by the Supreme Court.

Oh well as they say in the blogosphere "you are so 5 minutes ago Tom" move along.


Just one Minute in his post Be Careful What You Wish For argues a criminal prosecution of the NSA leaker/s is not such a good idea.

Here is part of his reasoning and background.
However - waaay back when, in the summer of 2003, I noted a possible end game for a Plame investigation, and further noted that, by a large, leaks are a good thing in a free and democratic society.

My guess - the best course for annoyed righties (such as myself) would be to note vigorously the absurd double standard of the Fitzgerald prosecution, keep it in mind as one more justification for the pardon of Libby and others (if necessary), and move on.

I have to say as a non beltway insider. Pardons just come off as slimey to me as I think they do to most of the electorate. I think Michael Ledeen's sugestion is far easier to digest and actually would accomplish more than political victory. It might just make us all a little safer. Now there is a novel idea!

Captain's Quarters tells us Daschle: Democrats Clueless On 9/12, Too:

Former Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle writes an op-ed in today's Washington Post (which the Post covers as a news item on page A04, just in case its readers miss it) claiming that the declaration of war granted to Bush after 9/11 specifically limited his war powers. It's a must-read, if only to demonstrate that either the Democrats have to be the worst historical revisionists still received by polite society or have been truly clueless about the nature of the war on Islamofascist terror since its start.

Daschle actually makes a case for both in his essay:

Read the whole thing.

The Strata-Sphere has an exelent post on Daschle's colum, how the left is once again heading over the cliff on this issue, and how the MSM is hslping them along.

Apparently Brilliant at Breakfast hasn't read the opinions of Cass Sunstein, or John Eastman, Or Orin Kerr, and actually puts stock in Daschle's hackery. Maybe she hasn't had breakfast yet?

Just a Bump in the Beltway can't resist the call to moonbattery:

Daschle, clearly in an effort to be polite, left out two key terms: fascism and impeachment. With the statements made by the leaders of this administration over the past week, there can be no other rational conclusion for what is taking place and what must be done.

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