Wednesday, December 14, 2005

USC Stinks Texas Will Crush Them Volume 5

Well I missed a few days due to some other more important stuff than USC embarassing itself in the rosebowl. Thursday will be another huge news day(pray that it is all good) with the elections in Iraq. So I thought I should lighten up the blog a bit and give the geniuses at USC a little more to chew on.

  • USC tailback LenDale White "I don't know nothing about Texas,"

  • Vince Young is the better open field runner here's something Bush never will be: 6-5, 230 pounds. Those are the dimensions of Vince Young. Bush? He's 6-0, 200. Don't think size matters in the open field? Think again. All things being equal, I'll take the guy who's 6-5, 230 pounds over the 6-0, 200-pounder, any day.

  • Vince Young's legs beat Matt Leinart's arm: I've seen it many times. You have, too. And get this: Young can do it all himself. That's what makes his legs more deadly than Matt Leinart's arm.
  • Mack Brown's a better recruiter than Pete Carroll: Guess which school ranks No. 1 in's 2006 recruiting rankings? That's right, it's Texas.
  • Horns would hook USC at neutral site: I've got your "neutral site" right here: Pasadena, Texas. Yep, play this game in Pasadena, Texas. Then we'd have ourselves a real y'allgame, and Texas wins going away.
hat tip to The Sporting News for some great reasons why Texas is gonna lay the smack down on USC in the Rose Bowl!


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