Monday, December 19, 2005

Top Stories 12/19/05

Michelle Malkin is live blogged the presidents news conference this morning and has links to other bloggers covering the story. What a great press conference it was btw.

Stuck on Stupid heard the same thing I did yesterday morning on Fox News Sunday when Chris Wallace asked Harry Reid if he would give back the $66,000 he had received from Jack Abramoff and his clients. Chris Wallace is by far the best of the Sunday morning talk show hosts!

Stuck on Stupid has lots of other mud on Reid. I wonder if any of it will stick.

The President also addressed the nation last night. Here is a transcript from the Whitehouse.

Blogs for Bush has comments
. The Moderate Voice has his own comments and links to others on the opposite side of the aisle.

Am I the only one who cant wait for this movie to come out? For one Albert brooks is a very funny guy. Secondly I can't help but wonder if he will have to go into hiding ala Salman Rushdie when it does.


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