Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Thank a Soldier Week

Please follow this link and send an email to thank a Soldier. It only takes a moment. In fact here is an idea if you wanna do something really special for christmas.

Where ever your family gathers for Christmas Eve or Christmas day pull up this link and have everyone in the family send an email.

Last I checked about 36,000 folks had sent emails. If everyone does this with an average family gathering of 10 we should have over 350,000 emails by Christmas day.

Don't know what to say? Just say Thank You.

Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette has a very touching thank you from Congressman Joe Wilson's words

Here are some emails from other folks taking time to Thank our Soldiers.

**Please know that I join millions of Americans who are very thankful for your service to our country. As a veteran from the Vietnam era, I appreciate the risks and sacrifices you all are making. Merry Christmas to you, your comrades in arms, and your loved ones at home.**

**I am Brazilian and I would like to thank the American soldiers for their huge efforts in Iraq. Keep on doing what you're doing! Keep on fighting for the freedom.**

**Thank you so much for your defense of our country. I know that you endure many hardships and make many difficult sacrifices, and I want you to know that it IS appreciated here, despite what the "mainstream media" says. It is people like you that make me proud to be an American.**


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