Monday, December 26, 2005

Robertson and Rockefeller leaked Top Secret NSA Program?

This is one of the things I love about the blogosphere. When the MSM refuses to follow a story the bloggers run with it and get to the truth. This is exactly what is going on right now with the NSA leak story.

AJ Strata over at The Strata-Sphere blog, is all over this story with a theory that sounds pretty likely to me. Judge Robertson (the FISA judge who supposedly resigned in protest) actually was either forced to resign to chose to do so before being forced while under investigation for leaking this story in the first place.

We will know for sure if Robertson starts missing days on the bench on the DC circuit court - a position he has not resigned yet. But one he cannot retain while under investigation.

Is he clearing his docket of cases so he can go on a hiatus? We will know soon enough. Judge Roberts is due to be assigned emergency cases at the US District Court January 1-2, 20o6. We shall see if that status remains for the time being. Robertson is also assigned Motions Court for February.

If Robertson is under investigation, it should be ‘leaked’ fairly quickly.

You have to read the whole thing.

Dr. Sanity follows up on the double standard of the left and the MSM. With The left calling the leakers hero's in this case, and the MSM treating the coverage of this leak completely different than the Plame leak.

Michelle Malkin has some analysis of this story in todays Washington Post. Michelle suggests that reporters covering blogs should actually read them first:

The Washington Post profiles one of my favorite milbloggers, Bill Roggio, who runs The Fourth Rail and ThreatsWatch. Another ground-breaking milblogger, Michael Yon, gets a mention. The article's undertone is critical of Bush administration efforts to reach out to the blogosphere, and paints milbloggers as "weapons" in an "information war." The WaPo's take on bloggers as tools easily exploited by one major political party or the other is typical--and typically misinformed. Again, I ask: Is it too much to expect reporters who write about blogs to actually read them?

Not a bad idea. If you have ever read Michael Yon, or Bill Roggio, or the Dawn Patrol at Mudville Gazette, then you know their stories are far more credible than the various MSM reports. If you haven't then do yourself a favor and start reading them today. Contrary to what some would lead you to believe these milbloggers report the good the bad and the ugly as nearly all milbloggers do.

Outside the Beltway is also talking about this article, and bloggers role in "the information war"

Quite interesting. Politicians and their handlers have understood the power of the "alternative media" going back at least to the 1992 presidential campaign, when Bill Clinton used back door venues like the Don Imus and Arsenio Hall shows to reach voters. Given the rise of the blogosphere as an information medium, it was only a matter of time before those seeking to get their message out would turn there. Indeed, I've been getting emailed press releases from congressional offices, party officials, interest groups, and others for months now.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and the left overs last you until the new year.


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