Thursday, December 22, 2005

An Open Letter To Harry Reid (Hint its not polite)

My Friend George at GM's Corner let off a little steam today and called a spade a spade. Here is his open letter to Harry Reid:

A short sample:

Did you learn nothing from the loss of Dear Leader Daschle? Do you not understand that this country is at war with a relentless enemy who wants nothing but your death, and the death of everything you say you hold dear? Have you not listened to those terrorists who proclaim the desire for a new Caliphate? Do you not remember the beheading of hostages in a brazenly cowardly attempt to sway public opinion or who murdered, yes murdered over 3000 Americans in a wanton terrorist attack?

I have to say George is right on target. As long as feckless partisan hacks like Reid are leading the Democratic Party we will forever be in the minority.


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