Saturday, December 17, 2005

More Bias at the BBC? / Open Trackback Weekend

Well you tell me. Wednesday the BBC ran this story interviewing two former U.S. Soldiers serving in Iraq both had some critical things to say about our efforts and what conditions on the ground are. The problem is these two guys are completely unrepresentative of what the overwhelming majority of troops on the ground are saying. So why wouldn't the BBC at least offering a differing opinion or offer a disclaimer that these two men are the exception not the rule?

Here is an excerpt:

GR: "We are coming to a time now when we seriously need to think of withdrawal plans... I think that troops on the ground right now are instigating and motivating the insurgency to attack coalition forces rather than helping to keep the peace in Iraq, so I think that in a lot of cases we do need to draw down.

read the whole thing and then please you tell me was this article bias?

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