Friday, December 09, 2005

The Left Tries To Tell Us Again No Ties Between Iraq and Al Qaeda!

There is a story in today’s New York Times with this headline:

Qaeda-Iraq Link U.S. Cited Is Tied to Coercion Claim

The left leaning blogs and moonbats are again clamoring with glee offering this as proof that “there were no links between Iraq and Al Qaeda”. Of course Daily Kos leads the way. What I do not understand is what these people can’t seem to understand.

The Connections between Iraq and Al Qaeda are well documented and voluminous regardless of the veracity of this particular story. Phone records don’t lie, Al Qaeda linked terrorists captured in Iraq days after the invasion are not a fantasy, Abu Mussab Al Zarqawi (the self proclaimed leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq) traveled freely from Afghanistan to Iraq and traveled freely within Iraq before the invasion. Saddam Hussein openly praised the attacks on 9/11. One of the first WTC bombers was living comfortably in Iraq long before the invasion.

These things are facts not in dispute. Now add the countless other sources which are not as concrete as the previously mentioned compiled by the CIA, DIA, DOD, and foreign governments and it is compelling evidence that only a fool would ignore.

So the question is why are they ignoring it? Are they really this stupid? Or do they hate George Bush in particular and Republicans in general so much that they would be willing to ignore the overwhelming evidence even to the extent of putting their own lives and the lives of every American at risk for it?

In their defense maybe it’s because they read the New York Times. This article as so many other NYT articles is poor reporting at best and intentionally misleading at worst. My belief is the latter.

Here is paragraph 5 from the article:

A government official said that some intelligence provided by Mr. Libi about Al Qaeda had been accurate and that Mr. Libi's claims that he had been treated harshly in Egyptian custody had not been corroborated.

So a high ranking Al Qaeda terrorist claims he was coerced. Is that a surprise to anyone?

You all know that in the Al Qaeda handbook, captured by British police in 2000 instructs all of their operatives to claim coercion and torture regardless of their treatment right?

You can read lesson 18 of the Al-Qaeda manual titled Military Studies in the Jihad Against the Tyrants here.

Let’s assume he was tortured by the Egyptians. I am certainly not beyond accepting that possibility. That by no means automatically discounts what Al Libi said.

Again the NYT story says so in throw away paragraph 5:

A government official said that some intelligence provided by Mr. Libi about Al Qaeda had been accurate

The article goes on for two pages misleading readers to believe charges by partisans like Senator Levin as fact. Insinuating that everything Mr. Libi said about Iraq’s ties to Al Qaeda was untrue. A reader who is justifiably dubious of the NYT may pick up on these numerous misrepresentations. A card carrying Bush hater on the other hand would just shake a finger and say “See I told you they made it all up!”

It truly is incomprehensible to me. Maybe a lefty can explain it. All I ask is please do not try to tell me that hard evidence that exists and is not in dispute does not exist. Please don’t tell me that Abu Sayyaf terrorists (a group linked to Al Qaeda in the Philippines) called Iraqi Intelligent agents to discuss when they were going bowling. Don’t tell me as Howard Dean did that Abu Mussab Al Zarqawi only came to Iraq after we invaded. Because if you do I can only conclude you are a liar or a fool.

I should mention that Poliblog has a very nice post on the issue of torture alone that is well said.

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