Thursday, December 22, 2005

La Shawn Barber's Liberal Views.......

Thats right in her fantastic post Do You Hate Black People, La Shawn offers up several examples of failed liberal policies, tired liberal mantras and offers several new ideas. Which as I have always maintained is the "Liberal Thing to do".

Doing the same thing over and over because thats the way its always been done is the very definition of conservative. Liberals are suposed to recognize when things are broken and try new ideas sometimes even radical ideas to fix them.

Here is an excerpt from La Shawn's post:

One of the government policies I hate is skin color preferences, which I’ve written about ad nauseum and will continue to do so as long as it exists. So-called affirmative action was intended to include more blacks in the candidate pool, but it has become the biggest entitlement program ever conceived. It has nothing to do with so-called racial discrimination and everything to do with lowered standards.

Apparently, it’s difficult to find black job candidates and potential university students with credentials comparable to whites. On the one hand, some blacks claim that credentials are comparable, but whites need a “push” to hire or admit. On the other hand, some blacks claim that “comparable” is relative. Just because a black person has a lower score, it doesn’t mean he’s not qualified for a job or admission. It is reasonable, however, to set hiring and admissions criteria, and if your score is below the threshold, you are, by those standards, not qualified. Unfortunately, some blacks — not all, thank goodness — see racial motives behind everything.

I hate “affirmative action” because it’s immoral, unconstitutional, embarrassingly unfair, and undignified.

If blacks with comparable credentials are being passed over, blanket skin color preference policies are not the remedy. Courts are where such disputes should be heard. If blacks are passed over because they don’t have comparable scores, we need to address the problem at a much earlier stage. We all know how dumbed down government schools have become. Get the socialist bureaucrats out of the front offices and demand better for your kids. Fight for school choice, support rigorous standards, and advocate excellence, not mediocrity. And for the love of God, stop making excuses. Discipline your children to turn off that idiot box and study. Embrace and reward studious behavior and penalize laziness.

Some in the "Black Liberal Establishment" may call La Shawn a "Traitor", or an "Uncle Tom", or a "House Slave".

I will call her a "Real Liberal". I hope she isn't offended.

As La Shawn is often so good at doing, Her post has lots of other folks talking. See what JunkYardBlog has to say, Tapscott's Copy Desk follows up on the media bias La Shawn Exposes in her post. Independent Conservative has a transcript of the exchange between Mike Wallace and Morgan Freeman. Honestly I am not quite sure what Vision Circle is talking about. Maybe you can figure it out.


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