Thursday, December 15, 2005

Iraq celebrates a New Democracy! / Moonbats Around The World Unite!

Not because they really give a damn about Iraq one way or the other. Simply because they hate the United States so much. As you will see people around the world are predicting even actively rooting for a bloody civil war to justify their own pathetic cynical and racist views of the world.

Of course a 70+% turnout means nothing because the Americans chose the candidates and stopped large blocks of people from voting. Unless they are confusing Iraq with Iran these people are flat out insane.

This is one of the things I like about the BBC. For stories like this one they allow readers from all over the world to comment. Which I always find more interesting and valuable than the actual article. Here is a sample of reaction to the historic elections in Iraq Today:

The insurgency results from the reality of Iraq: that it is not a natural country, with a common culture, ethnicity, religion etc. It comprises 3 quite distinct groups. A loose federation is the most we can hope for. Even in prosperous, democractic UK the Irish, Welsh and Scots have been grumbling about their lot for centuries.
James, London

I'm from outside Iraq. I can't visualize Iraqis could accept the newly elected president if the election now held would be under some foreign influence and interference.Better it is to let the Iraqis run their election campaigns freely and have their favorite personality as their most suitable president to have the country back to their environment that they deserve and desire longingly!
Creative Liivng Spirit
, Hyderabad (Sindh), Pakistan

A never ending civil war has just begun, and Prez. Bush will go into history as the root cause.
Faiyaz, Glasgow

First off, where are the Iraqi responses here? Oh? Most don't have the technology to even READ this? Who would have thought. A few have responded you say? Well, most likely of an upper echelon, I doubt their opinion can count for the majority. Second, who are we, North American and Western European for the most part, to have any say in how successful this will be, and if it's the correct action? Have we been over there? Do we live there, under the military control of an invader? Yes, democracy is good, in places where it's feasible. However, democracy in some countries is like fitting a square into a circular hole.
Annie, Urbana, Il

This "election" is a sad joke in Iraq's history. A popular vote held in accordance to the whims and biases of this proud nation's imperialistic overlords and their regional puppets... This is indeed a powerful blow against the very concept of national sovereignty. This spreading of Western-style "democracy" and "freedom" to the non-Western world ought to be a sobering reminder to the rational peoples of this world that the Christian crusading zeal is, unfortunately, alive and well in our day and age.
Alexandrovich, Portland, USA

We are not blinded, no. We can SEE what the US has done to this country, and we can see that the government the US has put in place is a joke, as are these elections. It's not that we don't want to see elections, but we want to see free and secure ones. Until the US puts its troops in Iraq under UN control, I won't support anything they US does there, no matter how well they manage to spin it. The Iraqis were infinitely better off under Saddam, and everyone with eyes can see it. Except the uncritically patriotic flagwaving Bushies, that is.
Jean, Paris

Here was my reply for the frog:

Congratulations to the people of Iraq! Shame on the people of Europe and the world who wish them failure.

Thank you To Jean for reminding me why I wouldn’t piss on france if it was on fire. You pathetic little pig.

For some reason the BBC moderator thought that was offensive and censored me.

Now the Chinese weigh in with great moral authority.

the foreign army should go out! otherwise ,the voting in Iraq is no use.the freedom is for the US TO kill the Iraq people,but for the Iraq people!Go out!the US.
shawn, beijing

YAH Its just like gunning down 20 peasants in a fishing village after taking their land to build a factory in errrrrr. Wait a minute not it isn’t.

But the comments weren’t all bad. Here are some from actual Iraqi’s:

I have voted back in Januray and I have voted in October and tomorrow I will
vote again.Iraq deserves a fair governemnt that rules by the law and only the
law and we will build this with our votes, sweat and blood with the help of our
friends in the US, UK and other coalition countries.Iraq will become a shining
beacon again and we will give whatever it takes to restore Iraq's position and
reputation among other nations as a nation of peace, prosperity and civilization.
Omar., Baghdad

Yes, I am Iraqi and I exercised my right last evening by casting my ballot. Yes, the Democratic process in Iraq is legitimate and Yes, we Iraqis say THANK YOU AMERICA and mostly a big thank you to all the American GIs who are in the line of fire to help the birthing of our Iraqi Democracy.

Hassan Hassan Hillawi, Toronto, Canada

I am an Iraqi and I voted here in London. The queue outside the polling station lasted for over an hour. Unlike last year’s elections, no groups are boycotting this time. Shias, Sunnis and Kurds all took part to get their voice heard.All eyes of the world are on these elections. The polling stations have been observed by all kinds of analysts and national observers, there’s no room for illegitimacy!
F Jawad, London, United Kingdom

And here are some heartwarming comments from people around the world who see history in the making.

Iraq has seen a new dawn free from terror and rustic medevial rule of the tyrrant.This is the new beginning where liberated Iraqis can live in peace. It is a first step, a milestone, towards the liberation of human race in the 21st century.Siddharth Gaur, New Delhi, India

I can't imagine how your mind works but as up to 71% of Iraqi people are going to vote it is a day for global celebration. It is their country which HAS been freed by the US and UK to chose their own way forward.After 30 years of tyranny it was always going to take time to re build - this is real life not a computer game.

Anon, UK

"Iraqis are electing their first full-term government since the US-led invasion in 2003" Come on BBC 71% of Iraqis believe this was a Libaration not invasion.Shaun, Nottingham It is a 'moral victry' for exploited Iraqi peoples & also a big victory for 'human liberty'Best of Luck

Debu, New Delhi

Lastly some very good advice from a commenter in Iran:

I have a simple but very important advice for the people of Iraq: Look at Iran carefully and don't repeat the mistakes we did after 1978 revolution. Religion must no must not be mixed with politics, with economy, with sport, with nothing except a person's own conscience.Thanks

Davoud, Iran

This is the story of the day arguably the story of the year so lots of folks are talking about it today in the blogosphere. As usual Alexandra from All Things Beautiful puts it all in perspective.

Clarity and Resolve has some moving comments from Iraqis.

The Glittering Eye has lots of links to photos and reports from Iraq.

Decision '08 has a great post called The Antidote To Terror.

Why would Zarqawi (and note also, many Arabic language media outlets) want people to be scared to vote? Surely they know the vast majority of votes in Sunni areas will go to people who want the U. S. out, and this is, after all, about the United States and its brutal policies, right?

read the whole thing.


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