Saturday, December 03, 2005

I am Back, What Did I Miss?

It seems like more of the usual.

The secular extremists have their panties in a wad over Christians trying to remind people what the Christmas holiday is all about. How dare those dastardly Christians.

Hugh Hewitt has started a fantasy draft where bloggers are drafted by the MSM. I didn't make the cut. Guess I need a new agent. Maybe TO's guy is available.

More retired generals have come out and said Congressman Murtha is dead wrong. Including Major General Bob Scales.

ASMAN: we are joined by Retired Army Major General Bob Scales. Very happy Thanksgiving to you, General. Good to see you.

MAJ. GEN. BOB SCALES, U.S. ARMY, RET.: Happy Thanksgiving, David.

ASMAN: Thanks a lot. Now, we hear from Congressman Murtha of course that he has talked to the troops in Iraq and of course at the hospitals, he visits the wounded troops quite a bit, says that he hears it's going very badly. On the other hand, I have got to tell you, I have been meeting with troops down in Florida, people from the Fourth Anglico and others, and others saying, "We think the war is going great." So, what are you hearing?

SCALES: Well, I think the war is going very well. As you know, I was over there last month. I spent some time not only with American forces but probably more importantly with Iraqi forces. And I got a chance to see how this transfer of authority and transfer of power is going to occur over the next year or so.

And at least, you know, from what I saw at the tip of the spear, among frontline Iraqi soldiers, they are beginning to build that confidence and that desire to take over the mission. And I think that probably is the most important thing that's happened in 2005 is an awareness of the Iraqis that, very soon, this is going to be their war, because it's their country.

ASMAN: Now, of course, a caveat that I should have put in there right at the beginning is every war is tough. This war is particularly tough. We face an enemy that has no scruples at all. Today they just let off some suicide bombs in front of children. They have done that before but how could Congressman Murtha get it so wrong?

SCALES: Well, remember now, Congressman Murtha is a Vietnam combat veteran, like me, and every week John Murtha goes to Bethesda and to Walter Reed Army Hospital to talk to the soldiers who have been wounded, in some cases maimed, and I'm sure this has had a psychological impact on him. Because it certainly brings back many of the memories that I have experienced from my time in combat. And it's understandable but -- and the other good point I guess here is that Congressman Murtha has a right to express his own opinions, and he has done so, and we should respect that.

ASMAN: Of course, but...

SCALES: ...having said that, I believe the war is going a great deal better than Mr. Murtha thinks it is.

ASMAN: Now, Mr. Murtha, of course, is a veteran of Vietnam. Vietnam is a place where the war at home played a huge part in the way it was perceived overseas, particularly in Vietnam. General Giap, who I think you know, a North Vietnamese general, after the war said the following about the propaganda battle that was being waged.

He said quote, "We were not strong enough," speaking of the North Vietnamese communists, "to drive out half a million American troops, but that wasn't our aim. Our intention was to break the will of the American government to continue the war." Now is this the aim of our current enemy?

SCALES: Well, of course it is. There is another great quote from Ho Chi Minh, who once said in 1964, "We will kill a few of them. They will kill many of us, and they will tire of it first." The center of gravity always when you fight the United States is the will of the American people. And the will of the American people is always measured in both the duration, the time it takes to fight a war, and casualties.

There is no doubt that from Korea to Vietnam to Desert Storm to this war, our enemies have always sought not to win, so much, as to avoid losing. Hang on long enough for the Americans to tire of it and go home. We are beginning to see some of that sentiment expressed in the American people today.

NZ Bear catches Russ Feingold telling us all to ignore the elected Iraqi government on NPR.

Stop the ACLU has this very sad and frightening story.

The Supreme Court of Hawaii has ruled that unborn children are not “human beings,” and therefore women cannot be prosecuted for causing the death of babies by harmful behavior during their pregnancies.

The unanimous decision overturns the manslaughter conviction of 32-year-old Tayshea Aiwohi, who was found guilty in connection with the death of her newborn son by smoking crystal methamphetamine shortly before his birth.

“I’m extremely happy and grateful,” said Aiwohi. “I believe [the case] changed me into a better person and I just hope to share that with others.”

The woman allegedly admitted to using the drugs for three days before the birth and took a “hit” on the morning her son was delivered.


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