Friday, December 16, 2005

How Far Will the Defeatists Go?

Well I may have found it. I was going to make this mornings post about the twits commenting at The Washington Monthly who can be every bit as vile as the Kos kids (thanks Decision 08 for compiling the top 10). However one of them was good enough to link to this post by Glen Greenwald on his blog Unclaimed Territory. I have intentionally avoided the non sequitors and straw men he raises in his article.

Other than the onslaught of insults there are quite a few inaccuracies in his post like this one:

Pro-war bloggers are almost always silent whenever the latest Iraqi police station is blown up or guests at another Iraqi wedding party are slaughtered by American bombs.

The intended pejorative aside, his claim is plain untrue. Bloggers who have supported the war in Iraq are usually the first ones to report on insurgent attacks or coalition operations. They also provide much greater detail and analysis of nearly every development in Iraq than the MSM. Unlike Mr. Greenwald I won't condemn lefty blogs I am unfamiliar with. Perhaps he could provide some links to the liberal blogger equivalents of Michael Yon, Major K, or Bill Roggio Iraq The Model, who are on the ground in Iraq providing first hand accounts.

Then he says this:

George Bush recently revealed that he believes that 30,000 Iraqi civilians have lost their lives as a result of this war -- 30,000 Iraqi civilians dead-- and I don’t recall
reading much in pro-war precincts about that

Now Mr. Greenwald seems like an intelligent fellow. (At least he has access to a good thesaurus). So such an obvious error as his this statement is either intentional or that of a delusional ideologue completely out of touch with reality. To quote the President and the article Mr. Greenwald linked to:

"I would say 30,000, more or less, have died as a result of the initial incursion and the ongoing violence against Iraqis,"

It doesn't say anything about civilians. The total includes Iraqi Military killed in the initial invasion; insurgents killed in the ongoing violence, and yes thousands of civilians killed by both unintentional collateral damage by coalition troops and who were specifically targeted by the insurgents / terrorists.

But Mr. Greenwald doesn't stop there he compounds his error/lie with the next line:

and I don’t recall reading much in pro-war precincts about that.

If he doesn't recall reading about it then either he never did any research, or he is simply a liar.

It was the bloggers that support the war who exposed the biased and incorrect headlines of MSM news organizations around the world. It was the topic of the moment, as is evidenced here, here, here, and here for example.

Let’s move on to the ridiculous with this line from Mr. Greenwald:

Democratic elections are not inherently helpful to American interests.

Far from original as numerous defeatists echoed the same line yesterday. Being that we are a Democratic country and knowing that democratic countries do not go to war with each other this statement is demonstrably wrong. Yes Mr. Greenwald Democratic Elections are inherently helpful to American Interests.

But lets be fair and put Mr. Greenwalds last comment in context it was followed with this:

Elections are what produced the intensely anti-American Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, not to mention the Chancellorship of Adolph Hitler. Iran itself has had parliamentary elections -- some legitimate and some not, and yet it remains the greatest Middle Eastern threat to American interests.

I have to wonder if he intentionally left out the word "Democratic" from the examples he provided knowing full well they were not.

and in his conclusion Mr. Greenwald had this to say:

it should not be a surprise that the only people yelling about these elections are the ones who want to dance around, cynically exploiting the emotions of yesterday, all in pursuit of some sort misplaced and unwarranted sense of vindication.

To which there is really only one rebuttal:

Well as I was linking to Decision 08's Top 10 Kos Kid comments from yesterday I noticed he has some things to say about Mr. Greenwald as well. I would say great minds think alike but I don't want to insult Mark.


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