Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Democracy Is Born Today!


The polls are now closed and by the accounts at Iraq the Model it went very well. Turnout was high and other than a few mortars landing in the green zone this morning violence was minimal.

First I have to say the reporters at Iraq the Model did an amazing job!

Congratulations to the people of Iraq. Now the work begins.

Just like in Afghanistan before, history is about to be made in Iraq. I don't know about the rest of you but I could not stop the tears of joy from streaming down my face when I saw the pictures and read the comments from the people of Afghanistan who were so proud, and so moved by the process.

Yes the Iraqi people have already voted twice and the referendum on the constitution, and the vote for the interim government were historic in their own right, but those votes could almost be viewed as practice for this one. This time they are electing a government to a 4 year term. This almost certainly will be one of the most important days in Iraq's history for generations to come. The consequences of this vote will be felt around the world.

Our children will read about this in their history class.

If like me you can not wait for the
5 o'clock news, and don't trust the MSM in general then Iraq the Model and Pajamas Media are the places to be. Iraq The Model has eight correspondents based in eight different Iraqi provinces who will be submitting several waves of election updates and photos exclusive to Pajamas Media.

If you are religious please pray for the safety and wisdom of the Iraqi people, and our brave men and women in
Iraq who have sacrificed so much to bring this day about.

Democracy is born today in the Middle East.

God bless and Godspeed to the people of Iraq.


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