Monday, December 05, 2005

ARGHHH! Just as I was Getting Psyched up For Some Good Ol Los Angeles Bashing.....

Smash at Indepundit had to hit me with this latest San Diego Scandal. Now come on Smash we all know San Diego is the origin of everything that is right and good in California.

Well at least his next post had some good news. It seems the surrender monkeys at Code Pink just cant seem to get a reall good protest rally off the ground in front of Balboa Naval Hospital in a town where half the population is either active duty or ended up moving there after their military service. I guess you don't have to be smart to join code pink.

Oh and the Chargers kicked the snot out of the Raiders again. WOOT! Yes San Diego still has a football team unlike LA which had to steal its team from Oakland, then had to give it back, yet still roots for them for some strange reason. Hey didn't the Padres whoop up on the Dodgers again this year?....yah I think they did.

Now Comon Smash join me in some good ol USC Bashing!


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