Thursday, December 29, 2005

Another LONGHORN Touchdown!

Notice dear readers that Tiberius Gracchus has, in the post below this, and his "Oklahoma" posting has put a significant emphasis on "suck." Not that there is any thing wrong with that of course, and far be it from me to cast disparaging remarks about a fellow blogger, but only a USC fan (or a liberal) (ooooohhhhh, that's mean GM...ed... Yes, I know) would mistake a joyous expression of obviously another LONGHORN TOUCHDOWN for a LEWENSKI. But, since Tiberius Gracchus was kind enough to put up a picture of another LONGHORN TOUCHDOWN on HIS Entry (though you notice that he characterized the photo with an overlay indicating his predilection) I will be most appreciative, especially in the really big game coming next week, we will be seeing FAR MORE of these shots than we will of USC players jumping for joy. I'm just sayin'!!!

Oh, and Tiberius Gracchus, you have a LONG way to go before you can top this TEXAN but I appreciate your tryin', I really do! It'll make you stronger in the end, 'cause you don't get stronger pushing against a weaker foe. ;-)


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