Thursday, December 08, 2005

Another Left Wing Whacko Pulls Hoax On MSM

At least that’s what it looks like to me. Michelle Malkin has done a great job researching this story and what she has dug up definitely calls the professor’s original claims into question.

When I first heard the story I wondered why two Christians would beat the guy up. The bigotry he was spewing is pretty common these days. Well thanks to the likes of Michelle and Sean Gleeson who flat out says Mirecki is a liar and with a very funny post points out just how far fetched his story is.

What did they say, exactly? I guess it was something like, “This mild
assault is payback for your famously controversial opinions against us
fundamentalist Christians, Mirecki. Don’t let us catch you south of Lawrence
again.” Or maybe not. But I am forced to guess, because Mirecki won’t tell what
the men said to him.

In order to accept this story, you would have to believe that these two
rednecks were acquainted with the world famous Paul Mirecki, and recognized him
in the dark (the sunrise in Kansas that morning was 7:25), from behind, on a
rural highway. (Either that, or they were staking out this unknown stretch of
road, somehow knowing that Mirecki would aimlessly drive by, thinking of
things.) And that Mirecki drove himself to the hospital afterwards, without
remembering where the crime took place.

Just some basic stuff:
  • He can't identify the people who attacked him
  • He can't tell exactly where it happened. (or why he was in this general area)
  • He exaggerated the extent of his injuries
  • His story sound pretty hard to believe on its face (he gets out of his car to talk to two strangers who have been tailgating him for some time, one who is holding a large blunt object in the middle of no where)
  • Oh and professor Mirecki has resigned his chairman ship of the KU religious studies department.

Of Course the MSM has not reported any of the questions raised on the blogosphere.

Hopefully this fraud gets prosecuted just like former Claremont assistant visiting professor Kerri Dunn who was sentenced to a year in prison and fined $19,00 for faking a hate crime against her back in 2004. Just like this guy she was trying to raise publicity and sympathy for her whacko positions.

Maybe the MSM will report that. Unfortunately Mirecki did not report any property damage like Dunn did (her big mistake). Insurance companies don't mess around with frauds and that is surely why she was prosecuted. Otherwise she would have just faded from the headlines with supporters swearing her story was true.

Others reporting and talking about this story include: Doc Rampage who says the professor should provide a picture of his injuries, Rhymes With Right isn't buying the professors story, Hard Starboard is in wait and see mode, The Subjective Scribe seems to agree the Mirecki's story is fishy but doesn't miss the opportunity to bash Michelle for being dubious. I guess he went to the CBS school of it's fake but true? Of course Daily Kos is buying this frauds story hook line and sinker.


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