Saturday, November 19, 2005

Why can't we all be Americans?

Our country is at war or at the very least the most cynical must admit we have 200,000 men and women in harms way in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. So why then are Democratic Senators , and Congressmen calling the president a liar? Why are Republicans calling a congressman who served 37 years in the Marine Core including several with distinction in Vietnam a coward?

As your teacher said back in school, "I don't care who started it!" This is inexcusable and needs to stop right now. Both sides are hurting this country by their accusations for what?

For political advantage?

Maybe this started with the moonbats on the perimeters of both parties but now its common place. I am pleading with all of you on both sides. Please stop this now.

Al Qaeda and their allies can never defeat us, but we surely can defeat ourselves. If this doesn’t stop we will.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand”

Abraham Lincoln, 1858

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