Sunday, November 20, 2005

What is the Democratic Party so mad about?

So exactly why are the Democrats so upset about the resolution the Republican majority introduced last Friday calling for the immediate withdrawl of troops from Iraq?

Isn't that what Congressman Murtha wanted?
Weren't all of the Democratic Leadership praising him?

According to the Washington Post:

"A few dozen other House Democrats have called for withdrawing from Iraq as soon as possible. But most are liberals who voted against going to war, and they have drawn modest attention."

So why did all but three house Democrats vote against exactly that?

Why did congressman Murtha vote against a resolution that expressed exactly his position?

Why are guys like Marc Cooper so livid?

Like most things coming from the Democratic party lately, I just dont get it.

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TMH's Bacon Bits has a good take on this story called "cut and jog" hehe. GM's Corner agrees with me.

Bad Example has some great photo's and good news from Iraq.

Oops my bad. acording to this story at Point Five. The Dems aren't mad at all and they see the 403 - 3 defeat of the immediate withdrawal resolution as a great thing!

Someone at American Conservative Daily is hot over Murtha's proposal.


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