Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Todays headlines 11.15.05

Hugh Hewitt has reaction to todays resolutions introduced in the US Senate by both Democrats and Republicans. He is not happy at all with his Reps and I don't blame him. I agree with Scrappleface, these resolutions give aid and comfort to our enemies.

Brian Maloney is still all over Al Franken and his latest hypocrisy. Brian has a guest blog on Michelle Malkins site today.

Stop the ACLU has a great interview with the one and only Glen Reynolds. It is a must read.

You have to read this article by Stephen F. Hayes:

I got a list of document titles that seemed particularly interesting:
1. Iraqi Intelligence Service (IIS) Correspondence to Iraq Embassy in the
Philippines and Iraq MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
2. Possible al Qaeda Terror Members in Iraq
3. IIS report on Taliban-Iraq Connections Claims
4. Money Transfers from Iraq to Afghanistan
9. Locations of Weapons/Ammunition Storage (with map)
10. Iraqi Effort to Cooperate with Saudi Opposition Groups and
11. Order from Saddam to present $25,000 to Palestinian Suicide Bombers
12. IIS reports from Embassy in Paris: Plan to Influence French Stance on
U.N. Security Council 13. IIS Importing and Hiding High Tech Computers in
Violation of UN
14. IIS request to move persons, documents to private residences
15. Formulas and information about Iraq's Chemical Weapons Agents
16. Denial and Deception of WMD and Killing of POWs
18. Ricin research and improvement
22. Document from Uday Hussein regarding Taliban activity
23. Improvised Explosive Devices Plan
24. IIS reports on How French Campaigns are Financed
25. French and German relationships with Iraq
27. IIS plan for 2000 of Europe's Influence of Iraq Strategy
28. IIS plans to infiltrate countries and collect information to help
remove sanctions

There are thousands of similar documents. Most of them are unclassified.
That's important: Most of them are unclassified.

Now would't you like to know what those documents say? read the whole thing it is a long list of very interesting documents.

I have a feeling Bob Krumm and I are going to agree on a lot of things. I have only read two of his posts so far, yesterday and today but both times he has been spot on. His take today on what is really important in a Supreme Court Justice explains exactly what we should all expect of our judges no matter our political affiliation or particular positions on hot button issues.

Oh and did anyone besides me watch any part of "Category 7 End of the World"? This is quite possibly the biggest piece of crap I have ever seen. Of course the name kind of gives that away but Gina Gershawn pouting for 2 hours (wait her lips are frozen that way), and just a ludicrous story that includes the same guy who played the Evil Vice President in "Day After Tomorrow" is playing the Evil Vice President again in this flick. Only he takes it up a notch not only refusing to tell the president what the "scientists" have discovered but firing the head of FEMA and then unplugging his live broadcast when the righteous now Ex-FEMA chief tries to warn the public.

But its all good later on the Evil Vice President gets sucked right out of the Whitehouse by a huge tornado because of course they would attempt to evacuate the white house until the tornado was actually hitting the building.

This craptastic piece of small screen trash wouldn't be complete without the whacko Christians kidnapping school children because they interpreted the storm/s as a sign from god that this is the end of the world. Of course everybody knows Revelations has this big part in it about kidnapping children. ....... Err wait it doesn't? Well never mind it made for a great moment in nationally televised religious bigotry.


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