Friday, November 18, 2005

Thank you Sergeant Whitley!

Thank you for starting your blog. Thank you for this touching story. Most of all Thank you for your service. Godbless and Godspeed.

Hits Home Hard!!!

One morning I awoke to the sound of a huge blast. I woke right up and ran to the bunker sitting right outside of my tent. Throughout this deployment we have received several attacks on the base, and I shrugged this one off as another one. Later on that day I learned that a tractor, which was used on the base by local nationals to haul trash, had been lined with explosives and driven right to the gate here at our base. At the gate, along with soldiers and Iraqis, was Kevin. A fellow soldier later on in the day who know of my relationship with Kevin informed me that he was involved in the blast. When something like that happens you always assume that the worst has happened. A fellow soldier a couple of days later found out that he had survived, but not without being banged up pretty bad. Since we cannot leave the base at all I had written off the chance of ever seeing him again. Which brings me back to the story....

Read the whole thing. Let Sergeant Whitley know how much you appreciate him. Tell everyone you know about him.

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Update: Ex-Donkey has a link up to A Female Soldier 2 encouraging everyone to comment on Grey Eagle's blog and show her your appreciate. Please do as soon as you can.


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