Thursday, November 17, 2005

NAACP Head Joins GOP! Yes The NAACP!

Wow, I have to say I was excited, confused and curious when I saw this headline. Could this be true? Will the Democratic party actually have to compete for the black vote in America thereby giving mainstream Dems a chance to take our party back from the whacko moonbats?

La Shawn Barber has a take on this of course.

A local NAACP chief in Orange County, Florida, has bucked tradition and joined the Republican party. It’s business, he says. Throw it in the pan and watch it sizzle!

More power to Mr. Wallace, although he should have opted to become an independent. Some black folks have a psychological barrier in the brain when it comes to the GOP. Psychological slavery, if you ask me.

The story did seem kind of strange with Mr. Wallace, said:

"It's purely a business decision. Ninety percent of those I do business with are Republicans," he said. "Opportunities that have come to my firm have been brought by Republicans."

I would love to ask him some more questions. Like what are his positions on abortion, gun control, SCOTUS nominees, taxes, the war on Islamofascism, Iraq, Welfare, school choice, that would be a good start. Why didn't this reporter ask?

More reaction to the story at California Yankee, Baldilocks, Captains Quarters, and Generation Why.

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