Sunday, November 13, 2005

Moonbats, Muslims, Iraq, and Democrats

I was out of town for a few days and missed quite a bit of news. Like France is still burning. The Conservative Cat has this great graph on the spike in violence.

A new moonbat has come forward to say the WTC was brought down by bombs and not the two planes we all saw on TV. Of course his fellow moonbats are agreeing with him as you can see in the comments here, or on Air America host Randi Rhodes message board,

Like Eyes Wide Open with this post:

Maybe now someone will listen to the eyewitnesses who were there that day and can testify to the fact that there explosions in the basement.

Dennis Prager asks 5 questions Non Muslims want answered.

The Islamofascists have declared the Queen of England is an Enemy of Islam.

Even the AP is acknowledging life is better in Iraq now vs. When Saddam was in power.

excerpts from the story include:

In a small, dusty classroom, dirty with mold but brightened by a red plastic flower in a vase, English teacher Azhar Hashim tells a student practicing the words "I'm from Iraq," to raise his voice when he says that.

"We all have to be proud of our country," she says, her black dress smudged white with chalk.

In the next room, Thanaa Mohamed asks her students to describe the rights of Iraqi citizens. "Equality and freedom," answers 12-year-old Jiwan Arasin.

"Who can define equality?" Mohamed asks. "All people were born free," answers Esraa Jabbar.

And freedom? "To express your opinion freely," answers Walid Khalid.


Shakir, an assistant professor at nearby Mustansiriyah University, first used the Internet in mid-2002. At the time, with Saddam Hussein still in power, she needed special permission from the campus security chief and the approval of her boss.

"You cannot compare these days to those of Saddam, when it comes to the Internet," she said, smiling widely.

Packing up her bag, she rushes off to a class.

"In the past, Iraq was a big prison," she says. "Today it is a jungle, and I love living in a jungle."

Oh and I got a mailer from the Democratic Party while I was out of town reminding me to "Vote Democratic" It has a tag line at the bottom of the flier that says "The Democratic Party has always been the party of new ideas and strong leadership". Too bad it had to rely on photos of Harry Truman, FDR, and JFK as examples of great Democrats. If we had anyone closely resembling that triumvirate in the party today I would be voting for them. It’s been about 40 years now since the last great idea came from the party. I think we are long overdue for a biggy. Unfortunately now we have Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, and Howard Dean who couldn’t come up with an original idea if their lives depended on it. It is very hard for a lifetime Democrat like me to reconcile our hallowed past with the current leadership.

Now this is a question for my fellow dems. Can you with a straight face favorably compare our current leadership to Truman, FDR, or JFK?

Here is an update on the Soldiers Angels Valour-IT project.

Good Things in the Works?

Hold your breath, cross your fingers and toes, say your prayers, and send good thoughts Valour-IT's way...

Somebody with a strong history of "supporting the troops," and the capacity to fund Valour-IT's every goal, is asking very pointed questions about Valour-IT's ultimate goals and needs.

It's all very, very, very preliminary, so we're trying not to get our hopes up unreasonably. But combined with the incredible success of the fundraiser, we're starting to dream even bigger! :)

Right Wing of the Gods has a great post on countering the counter recruiters. As a non com with 7 + years of service he is speaking from first hand experience and provides numerous sources that refute the disinformation and outright lies spread by these "counter recruiters"

Like this one:

Military recruiters tour the country selling a dangerous product with glamorous ads, just like tobacco companies or drug pushers. The ads promise opportunity and adventure -- but don't believe the hype.

One, military recruiters don't "tour the country", they are assigned to one office in a town or city, and serve for 3 years (at least in the Army). They are expected to meet quotas for everything from phone calls to enlistments, and they have to deal with a ridiculous amount of pressure to sell, often putting in days in excess of 12 hours. According to the site, somehow this puts them on the same plane as those "evil" tobacco companies (as if ones personal choices are irrelevant) or drug dealers (they must think the military is like crack; I wonder if whomever wrote this smokes weed or advocates its legalization). Let's be honest though, as recruiters are trying to get you to join the military, counter-recruiters are trying to get you to not join the military, and as this site proves to me, they will distort the facts to fit their goals.

Please please please let Rob Reiner accept Hugh Hewitt's challenge to co host his show.

Mr. Reiner, you have an open invitation to co-host with me for a full week. Or a day. Or an hour.

But you might want. To. Read. A. Book. First. Or. Two. Or. Twenty.

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