Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It's Over for Over There

My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy also has this story about Over there being canceled.

Big surprise.

I know its sick but I actually Tivo'd and watched every episode except the finale which I will try and watch tonight. I couldn't help but wonder how long a show that presented all of the enlisted men / women as gang bangers, poor white trash who had no choice but enter the military, idealistic fools, or career men disillusioned by Operation Iraqi Freedom. (Oh and of course all of their husbands and wives at home were having affairs). Nearly all of the officers as complete jackasses, and the independent contractors as greedy opportunistic racists. Not to mention All the Iraqis hated us, and who can forget the noble French woman running the orphanage who of course has a one night stand with the disillusioned Non com.

Now I have never served but I did grow up in a military town (San Diego) most of my friends fathers were in the Navy or Marines. I have known/know quite a few folks in the military. Over There was not representative of the people I know.

I would like to ask anyone currently serving or veterans to comment if you felt this program was representative of your experience.

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