Thursday, November 17, 2005

If Open Source Media is Selling Stock I want Some!

Update: Errr I guess its just OSM......................Errr I guess its Pajamas Media again. Honestly I don't care what you call it just give me the stock abreviation so I can buy it alright! The worst thing that can happen is they go public and hose smart enough to get in on the IPO make a crap load of dough (google) and then they fall on their faces and the stock tanks. On the other hand they could keep doing what they have done for the last couple years and be the next one stop news shop source for the world. I will take those odds.

Just tell me what the IPO starting price is. Better yet if you have a private offering first I want in. I am no financier but I firmly believe these guys have a chance to supplant the likes of Associated Press, and Reuters in fairly short order and deservedly so. As long as they stick to their principles which first gained them notoriety, then grudging acknowledgment and respect from the MSM, these guys are gonna be hugely successful.

The "Better mouse trap" has been replacing the older model throughout history and this is the better mouse trap to the fish wraps ((C) Jim Rome), the wire services, and the Network news.

As that whacky guy Jim Cramer says BOOYAH! I am Bullish! Que the dump truck back up alarm and BUY BUY BUY!

Errrrrr... Did I just cost myself money?

Stop the ACLU has more on the story and reaction from the blogosphere. La Shawn Barber who is a contributor to Open Source attended the launch has coverage of it here. Other takes: The World Wide Rant,

LOL obviously this guy is not a fan. I found the post through Atrios at Eschaton. Anyone else find him a particularly nasty man?

I wonder if there is any Republican that he likes. Or at least wouldn't spit on when walking by.


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