Monday, November 07, 2005

Headlines 11.07.05

Go here now and donate to the Valour-IT Project. Make sure you donate for the Air Force Team. We are in DFL and need to do better. we’re shooting for $21,000 in funds to purchase voice-recognition laptops and software for servicemen and women who no longer have the use of their arms or hands due to amputations or other severe injuries.

Well Communists might not make up the whole of the anti-war left but they definitely are a significant group as you can see here at rally this weekend organized by "The World Can't Wait" . Of course WCW was founded by The Revolutionary Communist Party.

Now if the anti-war movement is so big and motivated then why is every rally organized by communists? I would love to hear from my fellow liberals. Do these people represent you? Is this what the Democratic Party stands for?

Thank you to Zombietime for covering another San Francisco whacko event.

Michelle Malkin is still following up on the NYT deliberately mischaracterizing the last letter of Corporal Jeffrey B. Starr to his girlfriend, and their continued refusal to admit it or apologize.

The New York Post interviews Emmylyn Anonical Corporal Starr's girlfriend. She certainly does not appreciate what the NYT has done.

Real Clear Politics has links to some great articles today including this one from Stephen F. Hayes which is just another nail in the NYT coffin. Or this one by Deborah Orin in the New York Post that raises some very serious questions about the CIA's role in the Valerie Plame scandal.

If you only do this once you will be far better informed about what is really going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. Go to the Mudville Gazette now and read Dawn Patrol. This is a daily compilation of reports from Iraq and Afghanistan from Soldiers in the field, as well as mainstream press reports. Compare the two and you tell me which is closer to reality.

Day 11 now of the rioting my Muslims in France and no end in sight. I have just told you more in that once sentence than the BBC, or AP, or CNN International who up to this point have failed to mention the rioters, or youths, or protesters are in fact All Muslims!

Joe Biden says the Democrats are not likely to filibuster judge Alito. Stop The ACLU has a nice selection of punditry on the possibility of a filibuster.

Stuck on Stupid has two great stories today one on Democratic Staffers leaking classified information, and the other one a link to a world net daily story with Joe Wilson reacting to General Paul Vallely's claim that it was Wilson who outed his wife. Anyone else see the connection between these stories and the Deborah Orin Story in the Post?

If you think Bush Lied about prewar intelligence then read this post at Mikes America. I know its hopeless and you have some idiot switch that turns your brain off whenever you read something completely contrary to your moonbattery. But I had to try.

The Political Teen has Open Trackbacks today.


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