Saturday, November 05, 2005

Great News! Valour-IT Update

WOW! After only 3 days Project Valour-IT has already surpased its goal of $21,000. It is truly moving to see so many people contributing so generously to such a good cause. This week I attended an industry event where dozens of companies contributed to a very special project to build a car for the son of a soldier killed in Iraq. When the car was unveiled and the Son talked about his dad there wasn't a dry eye in the house. At that moment there were no political parties. We were all Americans. I will have more on this later as it deserves its own post.

Here is some very good news from Fuzzilicious Thinking:

Competition Update

UPDATE: Valour-IT News.

In three days of Valour-IT fundraising, we have exceeded the 10-day goal of this competition! The teams of Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force have together raised over $25,000 through over 380 electronic donations!! That does not include any matching funds from employers, or any checks that have been mailed.

Right now, I'm pretty much speechless with shock and joy on that subject!

More info on the project at Valour-IT:

Saturday, November 05, 2005

News Round-up

Competition update here .
Trackback party here.
Email someone a direct link to your team's donate button here.
Helpful links on Valour-IT and the competition here.

Lots of great things have been happening for Valour-IT this week. Here's a sample (updated as I think of more):

"The Big Brass" meets Valour-IT: The Secretary of the Army visited Carren and Chuck Ziegenfuss at Walter Reed and is very interested in Valour-IT. He told them, "I think either the Army or the Department of Defense should support this project." The Defense Department and li'l ole me are two concepts that just refuse to mesh in my mind...good thing I've got Chuck to talk to them for us!

A complete summary of the fundraising so far:

As of 11:50 EST on 4 November, 2005...

Team Totals:
  1. $9,625.00 Navy
  2. $7,574.99 Army
  3. $5,600.00 Marines
  4. $2,560 Air Force
Competition Totals: Over $25,500 from over 282 donations*

Find This special weekend trackback/open post edition for Project Valour-IT here:

Send in trackbacks to your Valour-IT fundraising posts, or any post themed at supporting our troops. Want to donate? Click the donate button at the top of any page on this blog.


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