Monday, November 21, 2005

Galloway Praises Syrian President!

I originally came up with the moniker "The Ugly American" arguing with a bunch of euros on a message board. I honestly could not believe how vile some of them were and how low they would go to slam the U.S. I planned to include regular stories from the E.U. which are evidence of just how much they hate us and how far apart we are. So without further ado here is the first installment:

tip of the hat to a man I only know as Des for sending this story to me.

from the BBC:

Galloway Praises Syrian president

George Galloway has defended his praise of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, following a recent trip to the country.

The MP for Bethnal Green said the president was a "breath of fresh air" after decades of dictatorship

During his recent trip Mr Galloway hailed the Syrian president - whose regime has faced accusations over the assassination of Lebanese Premier Rafik Hariri - as the "last Arab leader".

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Mr Galloway said:
"The Arab world is ruled by dictatorships, almost without exception. Most of
them are dictators who are slaves of ours.

"The Syrian regime is independent of us and that is why our government, and more particularly the US government, wants to destroy it."

Mr Galloway noted that the UK has an "extremely close" relationship with nearby Saudi Arabia, which he said was a similar dictatorship.

He suggested that until recently the British government respected the Syrian regime, pointing out that President Assad stayed with the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

"People believed that his reforming zeal and his vision of Syria as a genuinely
independent Arab country....was one that was widely appreciated across

I still think that it would have been better if we had not allowed [US President] George Bush to re-write our foreign policy towards Syria, and Iran for that matter."

And, commenting ahead of Respect's conference, he said he wanted the anti-war party to take seats on every council in May's local elections.

"I hope we will elect people in every local authority in the country," he said.
"I'm speaking to the biggest public meetings and more often than any other political figure and our party is doing more public work than any other in the country.

"I think you are going to find next May in the local elections that
Respect shakes them [Labour] up all over the country."

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