Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Follow up to the 4 questions

Well John from Salems Lot responded with a post of his own asking me 4 more questions.

Here were his questions:

Why don't you ask THIS:
1) Do you think that every child in Africa should have access to clean disease-free drinking water?
2) Isn't that something Americans stand for?
3) Don't you think that these children deserve to drink water as clean as the water we drink here in the USA?
4) Do you prefer to ignore this problem and subjagate hundreds of thousands of African children to death by cholera?

Obviously..most of us would like Iraqis to be free and for the kids in Africa to have access to clean drinking water. Those really aren't the questions.

And here was my reply:

You also asked great questions and I am glad to answer them unequivocally.

1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Yes
4. No

I do not hear any dems calling for the end of financial aid to Africa. I do here them shouting "Let the Iraqis fend for themselves"

Don't you?

I know John will correct me if I am wrong but for as long as anyone has tracked such things. The United States has been the number 1 contributor in aid to Africa by both our government and individual donations. European individuals give next to nothing.

I get the impression he is a reasonable man and look forward to some productive discussions with him in the future.

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