Monday, November 14, 2005

Even the Lefties Think the LA Times Sucks! / Open Trackbacks

Marc Cooper has a great analysis on the new changes to the LA Times editorial page. It seems even left wingers think they suck. Which is very bad news for a newspaper that even main stream conservatives like Hugh Hewitt revile.

Thanks to GM's Corner for turning me on to Marc. He seems like a sensible lefty even if he is a lil to the left of me. I will definitely make him a regular read.

The confirmation battle for Judge Alito is about to seriously heat up. Hugh has links and analysis. Bill Sammon broke the story with this bombshell:

Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr., President Bush's Supreme Court nominee, wrote that
"the Constitution does not protect a right to an abortion" in a 1985 document
obtained by The Washington Times. "I personally believe very strongly" in this
legal position, Mr. Alito wrote on his application to become deputy assistant to
Attorney General Edwin I. Meese III.

It looks like the GOP hardliners are going to get the battle royale they have been spoiling for. I do not see how the Dems who have staked everything on upholding Roe can not fight this to the end. There is a long way to go but if I had to make a prediction right now. I would say this is a winner for the GOP. The Dems will go way too far in an attempt to satisfy the crowd which will end up further alienating moderates like me as well as independents. In the end they will loose this battle, and the whackos will be demoralized. The GOP's hardliners on the other hand will be energized.

Stop The ACLU has more on the story.

Did anyone else see Ken Mehlman completely own Howard Dean on Meet the Press? Download and watch the video at The Political Teen.

Mehlman has to be the best party chair in the last 20 years if not ever. This guy knows his stuff speaks concisely and shreds his opponents with facts instead of ad hominem attacks.

Oh and how about Cokie Roberts, Sam Dumbelston, and George "I don’t have a clue" Will on Sundays this week with George Sunfalufgus all telling us that illegal immigration is a bad issue for Republicans to run on. Is there any other trio of talking heads who are more out of touch with the American people than this bunch?

HELLO!!! Even the left gets it. A recent CBS Poll finds three-quarters saying that government is “not doing enough” to keep illegal immigrants from crossing into the US, compared to 15 percent who say the government is doing enough and 4 percent who say it is doing too much. Here is a news flash for the dunderheads at ABC: Illegal Immigration IS A MAJOR ISSUE FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

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