Monday, November 14, 2005

Democrats React to Suggestion of Supporting Iraq / Open Trackbacks

Ok so I read Bob Krumm's post today and I agree with him. It would be good political strategy for Democrats to cooperate and honestly try to help create a stable democracy in Iraq. I happen to think it is happening without them anyway but it could only help the effort if they stopped pushing the shameful political charge of "bush lied us into war".

So anyway I follow a link to his post with Democratic Reaction at The Washington Monthly. I guess I shouldn't be any more but once again I was shocked at the virulent and almost manic comments.

Like this one from Sparko:

I have my doubts these SOBs didn't steal two elections (Ohio seems to have Diebolded the recent initiatives too . . .) Looking for scapegoats instead of in the mirror, typical of the Republican leadership style. They are like Ken Lay; they have no idea what they are doing but will fire anyone who stands in their way.

The new Nicolle [Devenish] Wallace spin makes me sick too. She is the new PR front for Satan. Hope she is proud of herself. Berkeley???

Or this from Stephan:

Sure. Just like Germany's loss in World War I was, to the rabid right wing, the fault of the liberals and the Jews. This is merely the 2005 American version of the Dolchstosslegende.

Cheryl completely melts down. Here are a few excerpts:

no counting of votes needed by US citizens, indeed we’re told we don’t have the right to vote by the late Chief Justice, William H Rehnquist unless the state gives it to us, (do the people of Florida have the right to vote?)

Let Bush win the war, that he's already lost, my ass. You’d think in a so called democracy Bush would need some kind of proof that the US is actually in danger, but Bush clearly didn't had any proof so Bush just invented it, and now accuses others of re-writing history.

Where journalist afraid of the Bush administrations "ballistic," and threatening actions? This Administration lied us into war and press, too many like Judith Miller, simply let Bush lie about everything.

Samuel has faith in our military and GWB:

For the last 3 years George Bush got everything he asked for from the Democrats to "win" in Iraq. After devoting 100,000 + troops and hundreds of billions of dollars, the US is losing. Losing in Iraq, losing on the international court of public opinion, and losing its army.

After all that someone suggests that the democrats should let Bush win? That's delusional. Bush is clearly incapable of winning in Iraq - if he hasn't won by now, there's no way he's going to win now.

Pale Rider doesn’t disappoint making sure to get the war is for Haliburton argument in:

Yeah--what's your point? All of a sudden, it's the Democrats fault that the administration of post-war Iraq, which was handled EXCLUSIVELY by handpicked ideologues from the dregs of the Republican Party, failed to achieve anything other than lining the pockets of a bunch of defense contractors in Northern Virginia?

Hostile (now this guy really picked an appropriate name) gives sound advice:

There is only one way to win the war in Iraq: kill every Iraqi except Chalabi. Unfortunately, that is exactly what Bush is trying to accomplish.

Now I have been accused (by some) in the past of selecting a few radicals from kook sites that are not really representative of most Democrats. Personally I would like to think and truly hope that is true. Unfortunately these comments are very representative of the thread and The Washington Monthly is a pretty mainstream source isn't it?

I asked these Dems 4 questions in the thread. I will follow up with my questions and their replies later.

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