Wednesday, November 23, 2005

CNN Tape is it fake?

Because if it isn't at the very least this operator is gonna loose his job, and it may go much higher up the food chain. But since I don't believe everything I read/see/ or hear on the intraweb I have to be a little skeptical at first glance. Is CNN really this stupid?

Environmental Republican has a link to the audio file, where someone from a company named Team Hollywood called the CNN news desk and was told by the operator "the X was free speach" and "Tell the President and Vice-President Dick Cheney to stop lying.".


Who is Team Hollywood anyway? here is a link to their site. I have put a call into them but its still early here on the west coast. I will let you folks know if they call back and what they have to say.

This is what their about us page says:

Preska Thomas and Kevin Finn are the founders of Team
Hollywood Global Networks, Inc., a marketing consulting firm that
specializes in lobbying relations and consumer networking for Fortune
500, politicial, and entertainment companies. Team Hollywood has
consulted for Vatican assignees and developed marketing strategies for the
RMS Titanic, Mikhail Gorbachev, Bill Clinton, Sony, Carsey-Warner, QVC, and Nanotechnology. They are the authors of the book, The Index: A Road Map.

I noticed they have several stories on this U.S. Newswire. Who are they? are they two related? If any of you know please comment. It looks like they have been around for some time and are basically a way for people to get their Press releases out on the web.

anyway it looks like this story has legs. I can't wait to see where it goes.

Part-Time Pundit, and Real Teen, Daily Pundit, Stop The ACLU, are also covering the story.

LB of Don't Go Into The Light is skeptical as well and actually spoke to spoke to Preska (one of the principlals of Team Hollywoood).

Alexandra of All Things Beautiful has a transcript of the audio from Team Hollywood, but she is also unsure of its authenticity. Alexandra has more great info on her site with 2 different official explanations from CNN. That is not a good sign for them.

Now imagine if these bloggers had been working for CBS when Mary Mapes came up with the rathergate memo.


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