Monday, November 14, 2005

Bob Krumm Nails it!.... Almost

So I follow a link from Instapundit, to Slate, which lands me on Bob Krumm's blog. Which looks like it has a lot more interesting stuff to read than just this post. Anyway Krumm's post titled 1992 all over again is right on the money. Supporting GWB's efforts in Iraq and thereby ending our involvement there as quickly as possible is a great political move for Democrats. Read the whole story.

The only thing I would add is it is also the right thing to do morally and for our country. Promoting freedom and democracy around the world is something the Democratic Party is supposed to stand for. Taking a quick look around Bob's site. I think he would agree with that.

Apparently The Stakeholder which looks like its the official website for the Democratic Camapaign Committee disagrees. Honestly I find the position and the tone of the post sad but not surprising. The Art of the Blog has it exactly right. The country should come before your party every time.


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