Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bloggers are Nice Freaking People!

At least the ones I have come across are. If it sounds like I'm a little geeked up in this post it’s because I am! I have been completely blown away by the friendliness, and helpfulness of all the bloggers I have interacted with.

The first blogger I emailed Mike at Ipso Facto emailed me back the same day and answered some newb questions I had. Don Surber emailed me back the same day with some tips and linked to my blog! This guy is a professional journalist and he replies to a schmo like me? Doug at Reverse Vampire was kind enough to send me an email when I broke blogger etiquette (It was like my 3rd day blogging), and sent me a very good post with some basic do's and don’ts. He said he was just paying it forward. Pat from Brainster left a nice comment about the same thing. I emailed him an apology and put up a link back to him. He says NP it happens. He did the same thing to La Shawn Barber a while back and that’s how he learned. He tells me if I ever have something I think he might like send him an email and he will link it up. So a couple days later I did, and he Linked right back! and sent me an email telling me he liked the post! I put a comment up at GM's Corner when I couldn't get a trackback to work (no doubt due to newbie ignorance). So Mr. GM himself sends me an email suggesting I try web address he provides and it works. Says he likes the blog and is adding me to the newb blogroll. I email back to thank him and of course ask more newbie questions. Again the same day he emails back with tons of great info! Thanks George Now I'm gonna be up late reading up on the stuff you sent me 8). Oh and let me be the first to say congrats on your first blogoversary!

Speaking of La Shawn Barber. I sent her an email telling her how I liked her blog (she’s like famous) and asked if she had any constructive criticism. Now I know she is a busy lady so I don't really expect anything back. The next day I am getting all these hits from La Shawn Barber! She puts a link back to me and Wake Up Black America on her site saying welcome to the blogoshpere! No way...This is La Shawn Barber! I called my wife down to the office and look at this; this is La Shawn Barber linking back to my blog!

"Who's La Shawn Barber Honey?"

"She’s a really smart and famous blogger" I said. "Hugh Hewitt reads her articles on the radio she has columns in main stream newspapers, and does public speaking engagements. She’s famous!"

not very enthusiastically she replies "wow that's great"

There are so many others who have made comments, links or provided open trackbacks like The BigDog, The Political Teen, Stop The ACLU, TMH's Bacon Bits, The Uncooperative Blogger, My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, Joe's Cafe, Oblogatory Anecdotes, bRight & Early, Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette, Decision08, and I am sure I am forgetting someone.

My wife may not be excited but I am, and grateful to all of you who have been so kind and patient. I am sure I am not the first newb you have had to put up with nor will I be the last. Hopefully I can stick around for awhile and some newb will send me an email someday and I can pay it forward.


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