Friday, October 28, 2005

Some things to read over the weekend

I will be out of town so I hope you all enjoy this stuff as much as I did. has the scuttlebutt on the next SCOTUS Nominee.

Crime & Federalism has some interesting observations about Judge Alito.

For the record my pick would be Janice Rodgers Brown. She just has such a compelling story. Politically it would be very interesting to watch. The Dems would pull out all the stops to scuttle her nomination. The Republicans would claim they were sexist and racist. It could be one of the most crushing defeats ever for the GOP or it could be the catalyst needed to actually put the black vote up for grabs. Which would be a great thing for this country and black voters. It also might actually settle once and for all where the public stood on judges making it up as they go or strictly interpreting the constitution.

Arnold Beichman has a very interesting read in the Washington Times about life for Arab Women

A small excerpt:

Something is beginning to stir in the Arab world; women are speaking up about the crushing burdens they bear in their male-dominated world. And this burden has little to with the religion of Islam itself. After all, the most populous Islamic country in the world is Indonesia, yet women there have such high status that one of them, Megawati Sukarnoputri, became the president of Indonesia in 2003.

One of the most outspoken manifestoes against Arab male domination has just been published in the
London Arabic language daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat under the title "Imagine You're a Woman." The author is Badriyya Al-Bishr, a lecturer in social sciences at King Saud University. The translation is by MEMRI.

Read the whole thing. It just might make you think twice about how a half billion women are treated in the Islamic world.

For those who don’t already know. The Weekly Standard had this today

Saddam Hussein "Gave Preferential Treatment" to France

From an Associated Press piece today on the massive oil-for-food scandal:

Tracing the politicization of oil contracts, the report said Iraqi leaders in the late 1990s decided to deny American, British and Japanese companies allocations to purchase oil because of their countries' opposition to lifting sanctions.

At the same time, it said, Iraq gave preferential treatment to France, Russia and China, which were perceived to be more favorable to lifting sanctions and were also permanent members of the Security Council.

Anyone surprised by the duplicitous cheese eating surrender monkeys? Oh did I tell you I didn’t care much for France?

Victor Davis Hansen says it like no one else can

To paraphrase the ancient Greeks, it is easy to be moral in your sleep. Abstract ethics or soapbox lectures demanding superhuman perfection mean little without deeds.


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