Tuesday, October 25, 2005

So Here Goes.

I have been using the moniker "The Ugly American" for about 2 years now while posting on various message boards. I started this blog at the urging of a radio host Hugh Hewit.
/bow to you Hugh for inspiring me to action. I used the word Moniker intentionally over Nom De Plume since I wouldnt piss on france if it was on fire. I will have plenty to say about france later but yes I have actually been there more than once and I can assure you they earn the scorn they receive. Gah dont get me started on france!

So I am not a Washington Insider or any other type of mucky muck just an average citizen with opinions. I am however a News Junky. I am still today a registered Democrat. GWB and the Govenator are the first and only Republicans I have ever voted for. I voted for Gore in 2000. I did vote for whoever the Rep. running against Boxer purely on principle. I can't even remember his name. Hugh would know he was on his show. A lackluster candidate if you ask me.

Hugh would call me a 9/11 Democrat. I like that term. I like a lot of what Hugh says even if he is a shameless partisan. In fact I like that about him too. At least you know where the guy is coming from. Now I dont want to seem like some kind of stalker so enough about Mr. Hewitt. I listen to talk /news radio all day at work my list includes Michael Medved, NPR , Dennis Prager, Laura Ingraham (she is a little anoying) , a couple local Los Angeles guys Doug Macintyre (doug is quite possibly the best local morning drive talker in the country), Mr. KABC (best left wing radio guy in America), Pacifica Radio (thats the LA commie station), and occasionally Hannity, Al Rantel , and Larry Elder

I serf the net and visit several newsites and blogs, NYT,NPR,Washington times and post, New York Post, LA Times, Chicago Trib, USA Today, Fox (of course) Slate, MSNBC, CNN,Real Clear Politics (thats a must!), NRO Online, Wall Street Journal, Weekly Standard , The Scottsman (great Brit Paper!), Hughs Blog, Instapundent, Powerline, LGF, Michael Yon (love that blog!), Black Five, Captains Quarters, Michelle Malkin (she rocks!), Opendemocracy.net (I just found this one the other day and it has some outstanding writing on the left). I know I am leaving some really good ones out. I read a ton more but I think this gives a good idea of the kind of stuff I read.

Then I Tivo the following news shows Special Report(this is a must watch program), hannity & Colmes, Hardball(aka softball), Tucker Carlson(now that guy is annoying), Scarborough Country, The Beltway Boys, Fox News Watch, Fox News Sunday, This week with George Snufalufagus, Meet the Press, Tim Russert, Oreily. Now I dont watch every minute of every show. Gotta love TIVO! I fast forward all commercials and all the tragedy TV stuff (Copyright to Laura Ingrahm). I can not remember the last time I watched more than 5 minutes of network news.

I told you I was a news junkie. Anyway one promise I will make now. I will have lots of strong opinions some left some right. I will always try to back up my opinions with facts. You may read the occasional blue language Ok maybe more than occasional. You are welcome to post and argue. In fact I invite you to do so.

Lastly a question for anyone who is not the complete blog newbie I am. There is another guy who registered the name "The Ugly American" on Blogspot about a week ago. I would like to contact him and ask him to let me have it but I dont see a way to do so on his site. any help would be much appreciated.

You can contact me at Theuglyamerican1@hotmail.com

yes someone beat me to that one too damn it!


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