Thursday, October 27, 2005

More on Miers

The truly said thing about today and what has happened the last 3 weeks is that the actions of some in the Republican Party have not just hurt their party, it has hurt the country. It has hurt every one of We The People. This has made the judicial appointment process harder and more partisan and more beholden to ideological litmus tests for every nominee in the foreseeable future.

Nominations are the prerogative of the president. The constitution is quite clear on this point. (All of her detractors know this!) Every one of us as a responsible informed citizen needs to consider this before we ever pull the lever, punch the chad completely through so it doesn’t hang, or cast our final electronic ballot.

Every one of these so called “conservative movement” originalists I.E. David Frum, Georgie boy Will, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Mark Levin, Is a hypocrite. They are all now just as guilty as the left of crucifying a nominee in public when they know damn well she can not defend herself. And Why? Because either they had doubts about how she would vote on Roe, or simply out of jealousy that one of their high priests didn’t get the nod. Neither is justification for the coup d'tat they pulled. They have injured us all. I for one will not forget it nor forgive them so quickly.

JUDGE BORK for God sakes BORKED Ms. Miers! This great man who was worshiped by the movement brought shame on himself and his movement with his cruel and unjust attack on Ms. Miers. I invite Judge Bork to point to the article and section in the constitution that explains the qualification/s she failed to meet. And don’t try to tell me David Frum doesn’t have some personal issue with Ms. Miers. Always condescendingly throwing in how he likes her But she’s too dumb, But she’s too unorganized (YES he did say that), always quoting anonymous sources to assure us of her ineptitude. With friends like that who needs enemies?


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