Sunday, October 30, 2005

A Fan Site for CNNN News?

Ok this is weird. Major K made this post about the Iraqi Constitutional Referendum and subsequent coverage by CNN International on Oct 17. Then some whacko posts a comment on his site and says she is the Administrator of the CNN Fan Website.

Dear Major K,

I am an administrator on, and my URL is given above. You have made some slanderous remarks against Shihab Rattansi, as can be seen in the extract below of the actual interview you were only partially paying any attention to:

An exchange ensues. Very interesting to see how an America hating freak goes berserk.

THERE WAS NO SUCH INTERVIEW!!! It does not EXIST!!!! The only reason you wish to block me (and feel free to do so!) is that you cannot handle the truth, and far from wishing to admit to your mistakes, all you can do is try to apply your thuggish attitudes towards others. I was unaware you had such a tremendous knowledge on Iraqi literacy levels, let alone anything else! The fact that you ARE FIGHTING AN ILLEGAL WAR, WHICH HAD BEEN DECLARED AS A RESULT OF "WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION" AND THE FACT THAT YOUR AMERICAN SOLDIERS HAVE BEEN PROVED TO ABUSE PRISONERS ILLEGALLY, BOTH SEXUALLY AND PHYSICALLY, AND EVEN YESTERDAY, YOUR AMERICAN MILITARY ARE GOING TO BE SUED BY AN EGYPTIAN FOR ILLEGALLY DETAINING HIM, AND CAUSING HIM TO BE PERMANANTLY DISABLED MAY BE A REASON WHY MOST OF THE WORLD'S PRESS HATES YOUR GOVERNMENT!

I encourage you to read the whole exchange. Does anyone else find it weird and stalker like that CNN news has a fan site?


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