Monday, October 31, 2005

Congratulations to Judge Alito on his Nomination

Now that President Bush has nominated Sam Alito to the SCOTUS, No doubt a highly qualified candidate ( has lots of background). I fully expect more than a few Dem Senators, and the left wing groups like Nan Aron’s Alliance for Justice and Ralph Nees' People for the American Way to push for a filibuster. I have no idea if they will succeed or fail, but our country will be lesser for it.

Either we will end up with the constitutional or nuclear option implemented (lowering the threshold of senators needed to confirm a judge), or a highly qualified judge will be denied a seat on the SCOTUS solely based on his judicial philosophy.

This is one more step on the slippery slope away from our founding fathers original intent. Shame on both parties for their role in it.

I sincerely hope for our country's sake I am wrong and he is confirmed by a majority of the Senate.


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