Monday, October 31, 2005

As usual my fellow liberals are embarassing me

Going way over the top at Americablog With comments like this from anonymiss:

This nomination is an absolute wake-up call for both leftists and centrists. If are not to become Nazi Germany (and I know that's harsh, but it's honestly the way I'm feeling right now), we've GOT to do something. Now is the time, and this is the issue.

Or this Gem by Anonymous (it seems a very popular moniker for kooks)

Scalito looks like a child a Hastert or Sensenbrenner kinda creepy feel-you-up-while-you-sleep type of guy!

At least Sockmonkey lends a voice of reason:

GOD! can we NOT spend the week wailing about a right winger pres. picking a right wing judge? !!! and figure out a way to win elections instead.

this phony outrage is getting tiresome. we lucked out with miers - but, as usual, the DEMS had no plan to deal with her

Plenty of religious bigots in the Democratic Party as Aahpat illustrates:

This is a nomination under the control of a foreign government, the papacy in Rome.

This nomination will give Pope Bennedict a five member majority cabal of devout Roman Catholics on the United States Supreme

Sukabi would not be outdone responding to my comment with this bit of wisdom….Gasp Republicans are Racists and Nazis!

Hey Ugly, it's not Bush's right as president to have every nominee confirmed, the senate has to give it's advice and consent - meaning that they have a say in determining what is right for America -

or would you consider that a judge who is well-qualified, but is also a grand dragon, or perhaps holds membership in a neo-nazi party also a qualified pick that should be confirmed - without question?

Let’s not leave out the anti military contingent Flootsnot chimes in with:

Oh, by the way, six more USA soldiers (Force of Occupation Commando Killers -- FOCKers) were killed in Iraq today.

Honestly it is frightening to me that these people claim to be Democrats (sockmonkey excepted).


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